“People are people. We all have different levels of ability. Our focus is to find the activewear solutions for our clients to do what they want to do in life.”

Greg Kline

GTK Founder

Custom Wheelchairs, Mobility Assessment & Service

What GTK Provide

At GTK our aim is to provide all our clients with quality products and service that will help them to regain their freedom and quality of life. We specialise in and pride ourselves on working closely to each client to select and design a wheelchair that is tailored to their unique needs, lifestyle, and budget.

We offer a range of wheelchairs, both manual and powered, designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle to give the best quality-of-life improvements. In addition to our general-purpose use manual and powered offerings, we also have a range of wheelchairs designed for specialised sports and activities enabling our clients to have the ultimate active lifestyle.

Many of our wheelchairs from all categories — manual, powered, standard, active — are available in sizes for both adults and children, and we also have offerings suited to those that required additional help such as provided by tilt-in-space chairs.

Why Choose Us

Tailor-made Solutions — We understand that no two clients or disabilities are exactly alike. Starting with our range of high-quality base models, we work to make a range of adaptions and customisations to tailor the wheelchair to offer the most accessible and comfortable solution for you.

Flexible and Affordable — We offer a range of solutions suited to every clients' budget. Our experienced and professional team can help to assess your particular needs and requirements and find a solution that will improve your quality-of-life by keeping you active whatever the budget or funding you have available.

Our Home, or Yours — Our showroom has a wide range of our wheelchairs available on display and is equipped with private fitting rooms designed for your personal comfort. However, we understand that it is not always easy or convenient to travel (until you have your new chair) so we also offer appointments at a location that suits you.

Superior Aftercare — The care and attention to detail we offer our clients doesn't end when the purchase has been made. Our team of expert professionals have over 25 years of experience working with and servicing a wide variety of different wheelchairs for our clients. We know that your wheelchair is a vital part of your independence and will work tirelessly to keep it in the best working condition possible.



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