Alex Jones

Assistive Technology Consultant   

Alex Jones at work image at GTK

Before working in the assistive technology industry, Alex was a sound technician in the live music and theatre industry before becoming a bicycle mechanic. He then moved into being a wheelchair technician seven years ago, where he began to learn about AT products, assist with trials and learn to script active manual wheelchairs.

Alex enjoys working in assistive technology as he loves seeing the difference a product or adjustment can make to the user; “seeing someone unable to sit comfortably or be active because of equipment breaks my heart so any opportunity to correct that is very exciting to me”

Alex loves a good outcome, especially when it takes some problem solving to get there. He describes a recent appointment he did with a person who had multiple sclerosis who had been using the same chair for almost ten years. While his condition had progressed over the last ten years, his skill had also increased and the setup of his chair was now holding him back. After about an hour of adjustments to the wheelchair he was able to sit in a much more comfortable position and be more active. He was able to do a wheel stand much easier and found pushing the chair to need much less effort. Being able to assist someone to make their wheelchair better meet their needs is what Alex is passionate about.

When he’s not working, you’ll often catch Alex playing music as he’s been an avid musician since his early teens. He also loves spending time with his wife, their two dogs, and their friends and family.