Nick Mavroudis

Assistive Technology Consultant   

Nick Mavroudis at GTK

Nick comes to GTK bringing with him 18 years of experience working within the Assistive Technology field.

He spent 13 years working in Melbourne learning from the ground up how each piece of AT equipment works, and how it needs to function to meet each individual client need.

With an opportunity to grow and further his career, Nick and his family moved to Queensland five years ago where his main focus has been predominately complex seating with power and manual wheelchairs. He has worked with therapists in some of Queensland’s major hospitals assisting in the prescription of complex powerchairs.

Nick loves seeing new technology evolve and develop, how this integrates with the current Assistive Technology currently in the market, and how this assists his clients maintain an active lifestyle.

One of his favourite moments was scripting a young adult his second power chair, where for over two years he relied on carers to turn his chair on for him, change his seating modes for him and had to assist him where ever he went. At the finish of the trial, and delivery of his new NDIS funded chair Nick had reprogrammed his new chair that all the functions his carers once had to do for him. He was now independently able to turn the chair on/off by himself and change his own posture, by setting up some various switches on his chair and programming how the chair reacted to the inputs he gave each switch. For the first time in 2 years he could do something on his own.

In his spare time, Nick loves to get out on his Motobike in the Glass House Mountains, play touch footy, barrack for his Sydney Swans and enjoy watching his kids grow up.