The NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The NDIS is a new way to help people under 65 with disability get care and supports.

If you are unfamiliar with the NDIS and where to start, this information may help you:

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Find out about your eligibility and access in your area by clicking here


Step 2: Apply for the NDIS

Call the NDIS on 1800 800 110, or email them at


and ask them to send you a copy of their Access Request form and an NDIS Access Pack.


Step 3: Your NDIS planning session

To better understand what services and equipment are available to you click here


Step 4: Implement your plan

GTK is a registered NDIS provider of assistive technology. We can assist you with reviewing and trialling a range of products.



How is the NDIS different to the previous system?

Previously, government funding was provided to organisations e.g. PADP, who then provided services to people with disability. The NDIS now gives control of the funding directly to the person with a disability, who can then access the services they choose.

  • Powered mobility
  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Seating and positioning for your wheelchair
  • Wheelchair accessories including drive controls and powered assist for manual chairs
  • 24-hour positioning
  • Bathing or toileting equipment
  • Hoists
  • Beds
  • Car seats
  • Recreational mobility

What is the difference between the NDIS and the NDIA and why is the NDIS called an ‘insurance’ scheme?

The NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and the NDIA is the National Disability Insurance Agency that implements the NDIS. It’s an insurance scheme because every Australian contributes to it for anyone who is born with or who acquires a disability.

What is an NDIS plan?

An NDIS Plan sets out the individual support services for a participant in the scheme. It is based on the results of your planning meeting, and should reflect your goals and the support you need to achieve them.
After the planning process is complete, you will be provided with an NDIS plan, which outlines the support and funding available to you for the time of your plan (typically one year). You may use this funding to buy services directly or through the support service you choose.

What gets covered?

Your plan is based on your goals and aspirations, now and for the future. It also covers your functional support needs for daily living and participation, the support you need to pursue your goals, and how you want to manage your plan overtime. The NDIS provides a lifetime commitment to supports for people with a permanent and significant disability who need help with everyday life. In providing these supports, they recognise that support needs may change over a lifetime.

Is equipment servicing and repairs covered?

Repairs and maintenance should be covered under your NDIS Plan. If the repair cost is substantial, your plan may need to be reviewed.

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