Bodypoint Aeromesh Calf Strap

The Bodypoint Aeromesh Calf Strap provides air circulation and comfort while maintaining its shape to virtually eliminate folding and buckling. With great pressure distribution and durability, the Aeromesh Calf Strap is a dependable solution for supporting the lower legs and controlling flexion without risk of bruising. The cushioning Aeromesh fabric offers improved air circulation and comfort, and easy opening straps allow quick adjustments in fit.

If you require a larger support surface for the lower limbs, consider the Bodypoint Aeromesh Calf Panel.

More Information

Technical specifications
Bodypoint calf support size guide
Calf strap sizing

Measure the curved distance around the legs from the outside of the wheelchair. Choose a size with enough length for the pad to flex and wrap behind the calves. If in doubt, we recommend going up a size. 

Curved distance around the legs from outside of wheelchairABC
S14" - 16" (35-40cm)80cm (31.5")36cm (14")8.9cm (3.5")
M16" - 20" (40cm - 50cm)90cm (35.5")41cm (16")8.9cm (3.5")
L20" - 24" (50cm - 61cm)100cm (39.5")46cm (18")8.9cm (3.5")

Warranty Information
Bodypoint products have a one year limited warranty.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
Bodypoint products have been tested to and comply with the following standards:

  • ISO 16480-3
  • ISO 7176-16
  • ISO 10993-5

ARTG Certificate: 149762 

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