Bodypoint Hip Belts

Bodypoint provides a range of hip belts for a range of ages and seating position needs. All products are tested to all applicable standards, including ISO, ANSI/RESNA and the CE mark. Bodypoint belts are available in a range of sizes, pull types (side pull, centre pull and dual pull) and buckles (push button, side release and rehab latch). Belts and harnesses are machine washable (up to 600C) and machine dryable.

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Designs available:

Bodypoint 2 point padded belt

2 Point Padded Hip Belts

Bodypoint’s unique design features distinguish this simple-to-use belt with 2 points of attachment. With all-day user comfort in mind, there is a seamless transition from the creep-resistant webbing to the contoured pads, with a rounded edge binding where they contact the user. Sewing techniques and materials are integrated for maximum grime resistance, but the belt, like all our soft goods, is machine washable and dryable as well.

The proprietary webbing is designed with smoother edges and a weave that resists slipping and dirt, while the closed-cell foam in our pads is highly resilient and has great pressure distribution properties. The exclusive D-ring design is deeper for larger hand sizes and stays in place for easier grasping.

Bodypoint 4 point padded belt

4 Point Padded Hip Belts

Keeping the belt firmly in position, Bodypoint’s 4-Point Padded Hip Belt attaches to the wheelchair in four places to assure that the pelvis does not move from an aligned, stable position and stays securely against the seat and back supports. The primary straps position the belt while the secondary straps anchor it into position. These extra points prevent the belt from riding up into the abdomen or twisting and moving out of position. Thus, four points of attachment are ideal for anterior pelvic tilt, pelvic rotation and thrusting.

The versatile design of the secondary strap attachments allow for anchoring the belt above or in front of the pelvis. The closed-cell foam in the pads is highly resilient and has great pressure distribution properties. The D-ring design is deeper for larger hand sizes and stays in place for easier grasping.

Bodypoint Evoflex belt

Evoflex Hip Belt

Taking the hassle out of hip belts, the Evoflex is the first chest or trunk support with stiffened end straps that stay right where you want them to, and won’t twist or fall into the wheels. Sleeker and more convenient than a traditional belt, it gives users secure support and is ideal for on-and-off use. Around town or on the field, the Evoflex is at hand when it’s needed. The EvoFlex straps pivot forward and back for easy transfers, and it offers a better stability due to a closer fit.
Bodypoint non-padded belt

Non-Padded Hip Belts

Bodypoint’s most basic and economical belt, the Non-Padded Belt features our proprietary webbing that is soft against the skin, yet stiff enough to easily thread through end fittings, due to its special weave and weight. Non-padded belts can be used with slip-on padsto increase comfort. If the belt is intended for use throughout the day or for positioning as opposed to comfort, a 2 or 4-point padded belt is recommended.
Bodypoint Quad belt

Quad Belts

Bodypoint’s centre-pull, large size, non-padded Quad Belt gives a person with minimal hand function a unique way to tighten and loosen the belt. It has a belt stiffener and a thumb socket so that users can insert the buckle tongue into the buckle. It comes with the Bodypoint Rehab Latch with its easy-to-adjust mechanism and easy-to-open latch. The combination of our proprietary webbing and this buckle makes it the only belt of its kind available. 
Bodypoint sub-ASIS compatible belts

Sub-ASIS Compatible Belts

Greatly enhance stability, fit and comfort with a Sub-ASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spine) compatible belt combined with Bodypoint’s gel-filled sub-ASIS pads. Essentially, these pads add a third dimension to flat belts. 

ch compatible belt features a hook and loop material (similar to Velcro®) to which one or more interchangeable pads can be placed in any position, and easily moved or removed at any time.  Pads are available in two sizes. They fill anatomical gaps and prevent a belt from digging or riding up, improving control of pelvic obliquity and rotation while minimising abdominal pressure.

Accessories available:

Bodypoint replacement buckle covers at GTK
Replacement buckle covers

Replacement push-button buckle covers are available in three styles. Security Covers, the most difficult to unfasten, require a pen tip to open. Reduced Access covers are easier to open (using a fingertip) but still more difficult than the standard buckle. These buckle covers are helpful for users from fidgety children to adults with dementia.

Bodypoint Hip Belts at GTK
Sub-ASIS pads
Reduce abdominal pressure or improve fit and comfort anywhere else, by using durable, gel-filled teardrop-shaped pads. The back side of each pad is a hook material that securely holds it in place, but it can easily be repositioned as needed. The front side is smooth against clothing.
Bodypoint Hip Belts at GTK
Slip-on Pads

Adding comfort to Bodypoint’s basic non-padded belts, the Slip-On Pads provide greater pressure distribution across the bony areas of the pelvis and their rounded edge binding avoids skin irritation. They maintain their shape even with heavy use and have non-wrinkling, flexible fabric to resist dirt and grime. 

Bodypoint Frame saver clamps
Frame saver clamp

Made of a super-tough nylon, the FrameSaver Clamp is incredibly strong and can support 500kg without breaking or scratching the surface. It snaps into place for safe mounting anywhere along wheelchair tubing without having to drill. The FrameSaver Clamp is perfect when clearance is not an issue. 

Bodypoint EvoFlex belt extender
Evoflex Belt Extender

Made of thick, durable plastic, the Evoflex Belt Extender maintains the stiffness of the Evoflex while lengthening the belt up to 12.5cm (5″) per side. A perfect solution for mounting to wheelchairs with thicker cushions, deeply contoured seating or distant mounting points.

Bodypoint seat mounting bracket
Seat Mounting Brackets

Bodypoint Seat Mounting Brackets are the easiest and most secure way to attach belts to active wheelchairs. They are ideal for chairs with sling seat upholstery or a solid seat base. The 90° bracket is perfect for mounting on top of the seat tube, while the 20° bracket is designed for mounting on the side of the seat tube. 

Technical specifications

Bodypoint 2 and 4 point hip belt specifications drawing

S322.5cm (1″)32cm (12.5″)4.5cm (1.75″)117cm (46″)
S382.5″ (1″)38cm (15″)5cm (2″)117cm (46″)
M364cm (1.5″)36cm (14″)5.5cm (2.25″)130cm (51″)
M404cm (1.5″)40cm (15.75″)5.5cm (2.25″)142cm (56″)
M464cm (1.5″)46cm (18″)5.5cm (2.25″)142cm (56″)
L625cm (2″)62cm (24.5″)7cm (2.75″)155cm (61″)
L825cm (2″)82cm (32″)9cm (3.5″)206cm (81″)
L925cm (2″)92cm (36″)10cm (4″)206cm (81″)

Bodypoint Evoflex hip belt specifications drawing 

S382.5cm (1″)38cm (15″)5cm (2″)63cm (24.75″)
M464cm (1.5″)46cm (18″)5.5cm (2.25″)76cm (29.75″)
L625cm (2″)62cm (24.5″)7cm (2.75″)96c (37.75″)

Bodypoint non padded hip belt specifications drawing

S2.5cm (1″)117cm (46″)
M4cm (1.5″)142cm (56″)
L5cm (2″)155cm (61″)
L-EXT5cm (2″)206cm (81″)

Warranty Information
Bodypoint products have a one year limited warranty.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
Bodypoint products have been tested to and comply with the following standards:

  • ISO 16480-3
  • ISO 7176-16
  • ISO 10993-5

ARTG Certificate: 149762 

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