Bodypoint Harnesses and Chest Supports

Good trunk position is critical to stability and upper body function, affecting areas like breathing, speech and swallowing. Bodypoint offers a variety of two-point and four-point anterior trunk supports to address different positioning needs. 

Bodypoint shoulder harnesses pull the trunk and shoulders upwards and backwards to increase function and help keep users from falling forward. Choose the PivotFit harness for balanced shoulder and chest support, or the Trimline harness for more focused shoulder retraction or significant asymmetry. For greater sternal support, consider the Stayflex. The PivotFit, Trimline and Stayflex lines now come with an multi-directional Pull Strap so they can be configured as front-pull or rear-pull at the time of the fitting and more easily adapt to individual user needs.

Bodypoint chest supports stabilise the upper body, while allowing for the chest expansion that supports breathing, eating and speaking.

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Designs available:

Bodypoint PivotFit Shoulder Harness

PivotFit Shoulder Harness

The sleek, anatomically-matched design of the PivotFit harness distributes pressure across a greater surface area than a traditional H-harness for optimal support and comfort. It’s easy-to-adjust sternum strap is placed low to reduce risk of strangulation. The multi-directional pull straps can be set up as front-pull or rear-pull at the time of the fitting.

The PivotFit comes in two styles; Dynamic and Standard. Choose the Dynamic Style to allow controlled stretch or the Standard Style to reduce movement.

Bodypoint H Style Shoulder Harness

H-Style Shoulder Harness

The Bodypoint Essentials H-Style Harness provides cost-effective shoulder positioning for improved head and trunk control. The new design offers a cleaner appearance and a more contoured, ergonomic shape than their previous H-Harness. It features a rear-pull design with non-stretch pads.
Bodypoint Trimline Shoulder Harness at GTK

Trimline Shoulder Harness

The Trimline Shoulder Harness offers focused shoulder retraction with maximum freedom of movement across the chest. Two separate padded straps comfortably accommodate asymmetry. Multi-directional Pull Straps can be set up as front-pull or rear-pull at the time of the fitting. The new, sleeker design eliminates webbing on the front of the pad.
Bodypoint Stayflex Chest Support at GTK

Stayflex Chest Support

The Stayflex provides firm trunk control with more freedom of movement in the shoulders than the PivotFit or Trimline harnesses. The Patented dual zone elastic construction avoids upward shift at the neckline when the user leans forward. Multi-directional) Pull Straps allow setup as front-pull or rear-pull at the time of the fitting. Quick-release swivel buckles on the lower straps allow easy removal. The Stayflex is available in two widths and with or without zipper.
Bodypoint Chest Strap

Chest Belt

The Chest Strap is a great option for users with limited hand function or those who prefer chest support without a buckle. The low-profile end tab is easy to grasp and rests comfortably against the chest. The strong, smooth hook-and-loop material won’t trap dirt. The Chest Strap can also be combined with Slip-on Pads for added comfort.
Bodypoint Monoflex chest support


The Monoflex is available in a front-pull option with a single pad for more stretch, and a centre-release version with dual pads for lateral supports or independent use. The smaller sizes are narrower for paediatric users. The tapered shape and our proprietary swivel buckle equalise pressure, while engineered padding stabilises even strong tone. The standards-tested swivel buckle can be used to secure user’s standing during standing programs.
Bodypoint Universal Elastic Strap on body

Universal Elastic Strap

Available in three widths and 72.5cm length, the Universal Elastic Strap provides temporary or all-day support for travel, work, exercise, sports and everything else. It’s more comfortable than traditional binders or corsets, yet firmly supportive. Use on the chest, abdomen, thighs or lower legs. Wrap around a wheelchair back, tubing, motor vehicle seat or recliner.

Accessories available:

Bodypoint Hip Belts at GTK
Slip-on Pads

Adding comfort to Bodypoint’s basic non-padded belts, the Slip-On Pads provide greater pressure distribution across the bony areas of the pelvis and their rounded edge binding avoids skin irritation. They maintain their shape even with heavy use and have non-wrinkling, flexible fabric to resist dirt and grime. 

Bodypoint Hip Belts at GTK
Shoulder Harness Strap Guides
The Straps Guides improves positioning and comfort of chest and shoulder harnesses by optimising the height and angle of top straps. They expand the use of harnesses to chairs with low, curved or contoured backs. The Strap Guides are easy to install and adjust and available in two lengths.
Bodypoint Frame saver clamps
Strap Guide Mounting Adapters
The Strap Guide Mounting Adaptors increases mounting and adjustment options for Strap Guides and minimises the need for drilling. They make fine-tuning after attachment a snap and are available in two sizes.
Bodypoint EvoFlex belt extender
Elastic Extension Strap

The Elastic Extension Strap adds 72.5cm to the original Universal Elastic Strap, e.g. for front and back applications, such as motor vehicle seats, recliners, exercise machines and standers.

Technical specifications

SizeShoulder Width
XXS21cm – 24cm
XS24cm – 28cm
S28cm -33cm
M33cm – 41cm
L41cm – 48cm
XL48cm – 56cm

Measuring Stayflex harness

Standard – XS22cm (8.5″)13cm (5″)13cm (5.25″)4cm (1.5″)9cm (3.75″)
Standard – S23cm (9″)14cm (5.5″)16cm (6.5″)4cm (1.75″)12cm (4.75″)
Standard – M30cm (12″)18cm (7″)20cm (8″)4cm (1.75″)13cm (5″)
Standard – L38cm (15″)21cm (8.5″)23cm (9″)6cm (2.25″)13cm (5.25″)
Standard – XL46cm (18″)25cm (10″)27cm (10.5″)6cm (2.25″)16cm (6.5″)
Narrow – M30.5cm (12″)18cm (7″)20.5cm (8″)4cm (1.75″)9cm (3.5″)
Narrow – L38cm (15″)21.5cm (8.5″)23cm (9″)6cm (2.25″)10cm (3.5″)
Narrow – XL46cm (18″)25.5cm (10″)25.5cm (10″)6cm (2.25″)10cm (3.75″)

Maximum user length117cm
Webbing width5cm

Monoflex size guide

Monoflex size diagram

A (pad length)
Underarm release (1 piece)
B (pad width)
Centre release (2 piece)
C (pad with)
XS31cm (12.25″)7cm (2.75″)5.5cm (2.25″)
S39.5cm (15.5″)7.5cm (3″)6.5cm (2.5″)
M46.5cm (18.25″)10cm (4″)8cm (3.25″)
L54.5cm (21.5″)11.5cm (4.5″)9cm (3.5cm)
XL62cm (24.5″)12.5cm (5″)9.5cm (3.75″)

SmallLargeExtra Large
Length72.5cm 72.5cm72.5cm

Warranty Information
Bodypoint products have a one year limited warranty.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
Bodypoint products have been tested to and comply with the following standards:

  • ISO 16480-3
  • ISO 7176-16
  • ISO 10993-5

ARTG Certificate: 149762 

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