Bodypoint Leg Harness

Inspired by a therapist’s desire for a 5-point harness, the Leg Harness is the go-to solution for people that tend to slide out of their chairs, thrust or have spasticity. It wraps each leg from the rear of the seat, to the inner thigh at the front of the chair. This increases the surface area for greater control of movement. The leg harness provides full range of motion for the pelvis while helping the user sit back in the chair. It has a unique, user-friendly design so that correct use is almost foolproof and it can be used with or without a pelvic belt depending on the specific need. This is a great alternative to a groin strap, as it facilitates self-propulsion and sports safety with unobtrusive support at the inner thigh and avoids bladder pressure such as users may experience with groin straps.

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Technical specifications
Measuring for a leg harness
Measuring for a leg harness

Measure from the Anterior Superior Iliac Spine (ASIS) to the point where the inner thigh touches the seat. 

MeasurementsMinimum lengthMaximum lengthPad widthPad length
SFits 20cm - 28cm (8"-11")90cm (35.5")95cm (37.5")4cm (1.5")23cm (9")
MFits 28cm - 36cm (11"-14")103cm (40.5")112cm (44")4.5cm (1.75")33cm (13")
LFits 36cm - 41cm (14"-16")114.5cm (45")127cm (50")5cm (2")38cm (15")

Warranty Information
Bodypoint products have a one year limited warranty.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
Bodypoint products have been tested to and comply with the following standards:

  • ISO 16480-3
  • ISO 7176-16
  • ISO 10993-5

ARTG Certificate: 149762 

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