Buddy Roamer

The Buddy Roamer is a posterior walking aid that provides partial weight bearing postural support with mobility. It has been developed to meet the needs of mild, moderate and complex users. The adjustable pelvic supports and hip guides, alongside the chest lateral supports and central bar ensures the body weight is supported while allowing the child to walk around freely and unaided.

The frame has been designed to allow easy access through doorways and down hallways, while still providing excellent stability for exploration both indoors and out. The modular system allows the walker to grow as the child does, from 12 month old babies, to toddlers and on to teenagers.

The dynamic frame naturally follows the gait pattern when walking. The swivelling front castors are easy to manoeuvre, and the posterior supports allow the Buddy Roamer to be completely open to the front, ensuring full interaction with surroundings to learn, explore and discover.

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Buddy Roamer features
  1. Adjustable lateral supports
  2. Telescopic head support
  3. Fine height adjustment
  4. Adjustable dynamic spring
  5. Parking brake
  6. Anti roll-back lock (optional)
  7. Directional lock
  8. Anti-tip wheels
  9. Bumper wheels
  10. Prone angle adjustment 
Buddy Roamer - free lateral movement
Free lateral movement

The centre of gravity of the Buddy Roamer allows for effortless free movement and left-to-right weight shifting during the stride phase. 

Buddy Roamer - Adjustable dynamic spring
Adjustable dynamic spring

The Buddy Roamer naturally follows the gait pattern and provides spring assisted lift during the stride phase. The spring is easily adjustable to suit individual needs.

Buddy Roamer in use
Completely open to the front

There is no obstruction to interaction with other people or objects. This allows the child to have hands-free interaction with the surroundings to learn, explore and discover. 

Technical specifications
 Size 1Size 2Size 3Size 4
Headrest height90cm - 130cm100cm - 140cm110cm - 200cm110cm - 200cm
Inside leg30cm - 70cm40cm - 80cm40cm - 100cm40cm - 100cm
Chest width15cm - 23cm21cm - 36cm25cm - 40cm30cm - 50cm
Hip width15cm - 23cm21cm - 36cm25cm - 40cm30cm - 50cm
Underarm height60cm - 100cm70cm - 110cm--
Maximum user weight50kg50kg100kg100kg
Buddy Roamer size 1 and 2 diagram
Buddy Roamer size 3 and 4 diagram

Warranty Information
A one-year warranty is provided on the Buddy Roamer walking frame. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Buddy Roamer has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive 
ARTG Certificate: 195207

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