Dreamline Assist Cushion

The Dreamline Assist Cushion is a lightweight, low height and durable foam cushion for active users who require less stability control with minimal contouring for easy transfers. Incorporating the unique Dreamline “Bubble Contouring” gives high pressure relief with low maintenance design.

Because of its minimal contouring the cushion is also useful for asymmetrical windswept postures when used in conjunction with external hip guides & abductor pommel.

Included with each cushion:

  • Breathable 3D Mesh full stretch outer cover with non-slip base and compact concealed handle.
  • Urethane 3-way stretch water resistant inner cover with non-slip base and water-resistant zip.
  • Positioning pad system included for correcting and accommodating asymmetrical postures.


Dreamline support cushion - pressure map study
Pressure map study

Independently tested at a rehabilitation institution, the Dreamline Assist cushion displays much better pressure redistribution than traditionally contoured pressure relieving foam cushions, and exhibited minimal variance when alternating the pelvic tilt angle between posterior and anterior. 

Dreamline Support cushion - shear protection
Shear protection

The Dreamline Assist cushion’s “bubble contouring” curved top surface gently restricts the forward migration of the pelvis naturally reducing the risk of shear pressure regardless of the sitting position.

Dreamline Support cushion - improved circulation
Improved circulation

The mild forward curvature of the Assist cushion relieves pressure constriction to blood vessels behind the knee helping to improve circulation to the lower limbs.

Dreamline support cushion - positioning pieces
Positioning for Asymmetrical Postures
Each Dreamline Cushion incorporates a system of detachable pads for accommodating/correcting asymmetrical postures. The pads may be layered according to the degree of the asymmetry, can be accurately positioned anywhere on the base of the cushion, and cut to shape with a sharp knife or scissors.
Technical specifications
Width 8" - 24" | 20.3cm - 61cm
Depth8" - 24" | 20.3cm - 61cm
Max user weight120kg

Warranty Information
Dreamline Seating has an 18 month limited warranty. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
Dreamline cushions have been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • CAL-117
  • ISO 10993-5
  • ISO10993-10  

ARTG Certificate: 307803

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