Dreamline Ignite Back Support

From its comfortable pressure redistributing foam inner to its easy-to-use compact quick-release hardware and sporty appeal, the lightweight Dreamline Ignite backrest system is a pleasure to use. Combined with Dreamline’s innovative BAC system, a more open curvature with optional lateral supports, plus lightweight adjustable hardware, the Ignite Series offers optimal user comfort and positioning.

The Dreamline Ignite back support is available in three heights and in ultralight weight aluminium or carbon fibre. The specifically designed open curvature shape with a more closed lateral angle encourages a mid-line sitting posture. The slimline laterals maximise free arm movement and ensure a compact user-to-wheelchair fit. The Ignite is truly reversible and able to be mounted with an offset lateral design ensuring the lateral height best suits the user.

Dreamline Ignite backrests have a series of positioning pads supplied in the standard kit including a Lumbar pad & a pair of wide wedges & narrow wedges. The added ability to include Dreamline’s BAC “Backrest Advanced Contouring” system to any Ignite backrest ensures users with asymmetrical postures will be well supported.

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More Information

Dreamline Ignite comfort
Superior Comfort

The dual layer foam cushion, in combination with Bubble Technology, maximises immersion and air exchange yet reduces vibration for a comfortable ride. 

Dreamline Ignite hardware
Full Adjustability

The new compact hardware is 35% lighter and maintains its full adjustability to ensure every unique position is achievable. 

Dreamline Ignite foam
Flo2™️ 4-way Stretch Cover

Flo2™️ is a high performance 4-way stretch fabric that utilises an engineered warp knit design to naturally facilitate moisture wicking and air exchange, helping to keep users cool and comfortable while protecting skin through maximum immersion. 

Ignite Low Contour
Ignite Mid Contour
Ignite Deep Contour

Available in three contour depths; Active, Mid and Deep.

Technical specifications
IgniteIgnite Pro
MaterialAluminiumCarbon Fibre
Weight of productApproximately 1.8kgApproximately 1.38kg
Contour Active: 2"
Mid: 4"
Deep: 6"
Active: 2"
Mid: 4"
Deep: 6"
Width14" - 20"14" - 20"
Height7" - 20"7" - 13"
Hardware2 or 4 point
Fixed or quick release
Compact or standard
2 point
Fixed or quick release
Compact or standard
Adjustability5" depth
4" (±2" width)
60° (±30° angle)
5" depth
4" (±2" width)
60° (±30° angle)
LateralsSwing-away (active)
Fixed integrated (Mid/Deep)
Swing-away (active)
Adjustable integrated (Mid/Deep)
Head Support Mount (for relevant heights)YesNo
Weight capacity136kg136kg
Crash testedYesPending
Warranty Information
Dreamline Seating has an 18 month limited warranty.  You can download detailed warranty information from Permobil here.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Dreamline Ignite has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • CAL-117
  • ISO 10993-5
  • ISO10993-10  

ARTG Certificate: 307805

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