Dreamline STX Back Support

The Dreamline STX Backrest is the most capable backrest for the most comfortable positioning of asymmetrical postures. Fast and accurate yet soft and comfortable, positioning is achieved through multiple pillows of viscoelastic foam which may be layered in any orientation to match the backrest to the end user.

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Dreamline STX back support
Outer breathable cover
Comfortable outer cover is breathable and allows for stretch.
Dreamline STX with open cover
Inner zone
Inner cover contains the positioning pillows, creating an exclusive zone for the therapist or seating technician.
Dreamline Sunmate Cluster Packs
Sunmate Cluster Packs
Multiple Sunmate cluster packs attach to the inner pad. Viscounts-elastic foam inside pillows mould to the end user’s body shape.
Technical specifications
Max user weight135kg
Widths available8" - 20"
Heights available10" - 22"
Warranty Information
Dreamline Seating has an 18 month limited warranty.  You can download detailed warranty information from Permobil here.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
Dreamline back supports have been tested to and comply with the following standards:

  • CAL-117
  • ISO 10993-5
  • ISO10993-10  

ARTG Certificate: 307805

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