Dreamline STX Cushion

The Dreamline STX Cushion is a fully adjustable cushion with full height contouring, designed for inactive users who have asymmetrical positioning requirements and high pressure management needs. The STX Cushion provides the end user the highest amount of adjustability without compromise.

Adjustments and accommodations possible with the STX cushion include:

  • Lowering femurs individually to accommodate hamstring tightening.
  • Accurate depth & Rotation adjustability of pre-ischial shelf for pelvic positioning.
  • Pelvic Obliquity build-up pads included.
  • Ability to offset laterals & Pommel for windswept postures.
  • Pommel may be widened / narrowed for Abduction / femoral rotation.
  • Leg length discrepancy cut-out.
  • Components may be further cut with a sharp knife

Once the Dreamline STX Cushion Positioning Base has been assembled as desired, the Comfort Wrap is laid over top. Ribs in the comfort wrap help it to flex around complex asymmetrical contours as well as reducing any tension in the foam to maximise immersion into the cushion.


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