Dreamline STX2 Cushion

The Dreamline STX2 cushion is a highly supportive, deep contoured, Gel Fluid cushion with abundant positioning options, for the less active user with mild to severe asymmetrical positioning requirements. 

The Dreamline STX2 cushion has a deep contour profile and incorporates advanced positioning options for symmetrical to severely asymmetrical postures. Pressure redistribution is effective through its patented cluster gel fluid packs, which are neatly hidden in a unique secure zip-up compartment. A soft comfort wrap together with the FLO2™ fabric facilitates immersion and longterm comfort.

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Dreamline STX2


Dreamline STX2 cushion with features shown
With an array of positioning tools for on-the-spot adjustability and adaptability for various postures.
A firm positioning base with a deep well gives high lateral stability accentuated by its deep contouring.
Pressure protection
Large dual cluster gel fluid packs nestled in 3cm of Enduro foam provide effective protection from skin breakdown, all secured within the FLO2™ cover for extra protection during transfers.
Technical specifications
Width 12" - 20" | 30.5cm - 50.8cm
Depth12" - 22" | 30.5cm - 55.9cm
Pelvic well1.8" | 4.5cm
Positioning base height12" - 14" cushions: 4.5cm
16" - 18" cushions: 5.5cm
20" cushions: 6cm
22" cushions 6.5cm
Wrap thickness12" - 14" cushions: 2.5cm
16" - 18" cushions: 3cm
20" cushions: 3cm
22" cushions 3cm
Gel packs2 x Gel Fluid Packs
Base foamEVA closed cell foam
Comfort wrapEnduro Foam with FLO2™️ cover
CoversFLO2™️ Incontinence and Outer Cover
3D Spacer Side Panel
Neoprene Front Panel
Non-slip Rubberised Urethane Base Panel
Adjustable PositioningPelvic obliquity / Pelvic rotation
Hip Flexion
Weight of cushion 3.8kg (weight based on 18" x 18" cushion)
Weight limit136kg
Warranty Information
Dreamline Seating has an 18 month limited warranty.  You can download detailed warranty information from Permobil here.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
Dreamline cushions have been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • CAL-117
  • ISO 10993-5
  • ISO10993-10  

ARTG Certificate: 307803

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