The FreeWheel is a lightweight, durable third-wheel that instantly turns your rigid-frame wheelchair into an all-terrain chair. This innovative adaptive equipment securely attaches to your solid footrest and safely lifts the front casters off the ground.

You no longer need to spend time looking at the ground, worrying about every bump, stick or rock, or wasting energy wheelie-ing over grass. With the FreeWheel you can look at the world around you and experience life to the fullest.

The FreeWheel is designed to work with most rigid-framed non-folding manual chairs. The step-by-step Set-Up Guide shows how to install the FreeWheel for your specific footrest type and have you out and FreeWheelin’ in no time.

Please note that if your footrest is 4-7/8″ (or less) from the ground to the top of the footrest, the standard FreeWheel will work. If your footrest is higher than 4-7/8″ please contact us to see if a custom Freewheel may be possible.

To attach the footrest to a rigid frame wheelchair footrest, the leading edge of the footrest must be flush with the tubing underneath.

Please see image to your left showing what type of footrest the Freewheel is compatible with. Please note that the FreeWheel will not work on flip up footrests with non-folding chairs.

There is also a Freewheel Adaptor available for individuals with folding frame wheelchairs, which allows the Freewheel to be attached to folding wheelchairs.

Please provide your wheelchair details below when purchasing so we can help determine that the Freewheel will fit your wheelchair.


This product is expected to ship within 5 days of your order being placed.



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More Information

Maximum user weight: 127kg

Weight of Freewheel is approximately 2kg.

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