Gravity Chair

The Gravity Chair is a very supportive foam positioning system to provide postural control for a wide range of individuals.

Following the principle of ‘Tension and Relaxation’, the Gravity Chair provides not only a comfortable seat but can also provide an alternative and stable seating solution for users who might have spent time on the floor for relaxation. It also can offer a snug and ‘safe’ feeling for users who have a need for increased sensory feedback, a well-positioned base from which to perform a range of different therapy activities, or even a comfortable but supported seating solution for palliative care clients.

Users with limited ability to sit by themselves can be comfortably supported in the Gravity Chair. If a user spasms, the Gravity Chair absorbs this force, allowing for some movement. After the spasm, the chair brings the user back into the original position. It is also a great option for individuals who may be mobile, but where mobility requires significant energy. The Gravity Chair can be used to support relaxation and comfort when needed as an alternative to less supportive options like upright seating or wheelchairs.

The Gravity Chair’s appealing look and neutral colour wipe-down covers make it fit into the home or school environment just like all the other furniture.

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Gravity chair supportive seating
Off the floor
The Gravity Chair gets people off the floor and into supported sitting. The centre of gravity is very low to offer people who may have only laid down when out of the wheelchair in bed, to remain in a supported but relaxed seated position.
Gravity chair uses forces of gravity
Uses the benefits of gravity

The seating configuration utilises the force of gravity to ‘hold’ the individual very comfortably.

Gravity chair postural management
Postural support
The Gravity Chair will provided the needed postural support during times of relaxing to enhance a person’s well-being, independence and participation in everyday life.
Gravity chair as a relaxing option
Alternative relaxing chair
The Gravity Chair can be used as an alternative relaxing chair. Whilst providing comfort for the user, it also gives caregivers peace of mind knowing the person is supported correctly.
Gravity chair as alternative to floor time
Alternative to after-school floor time
When you would usually place your child on the floor after school or therapy, the Gravity Chair is a great alternative relaxing tool.
Gravity chair as a calming option
Calming benefits
The Gravity Chair’s snug fit is excellent for individuals with perception differences such as autism or ADHD, providing close body comfort and helping provide a calm ‘safe’ space.
Gravity Chair lateral control
Lateral control
The width of the Gravity Chair is relatively ‘narrow’, allowing good lateral posture and control. This helps to ‘hold’ the user in a mid-line position. The raised position of the arm supports also help to bolster the user laterally.
Gravity Chair absorbs spasm tension
Absorbs spasm tension
For users that spasm as they ‘thrust’ or ‘extend’, the foam properties in the Gravity Chair gently allow for the movement and absorb the tension. Once the extension force relaxes, the gentle resilience of the foam brings the user back to the original supported posture.
Gravity Chair wipe down covers
Wipe down covers
The Gravity Chair has vinyl leather wipe-down covers which are waterproof, flame resistant and chemical resistant.
Gravity Chair being used in living area
Light and portable
The Gravity Chair is light and portable, designed for maximum practicality. 
Gravity Chair posterior and anterior tilt
Posterior and anterior tilt
The Gravity Chair comes standard with a foam wedge that can be placed underneath the chair to allow tilting of the chair, forwards, backwards, and even sideways. This provides a nice way to position and stabilise the user’s head and body such as those with Scoliosis or limited head control.
Gravity Chair lateral tilt
Lateral tilt
You can use the tilt wedge to achieve lateral tilt to accommodate a scoliosis or a user that tends to lean to one side. 
Gravity Chair in use

Available options and accessories 

Technical specifications
User height90cm - 110cm110cm - 130cm130cm - 150cm150cm - 170cm150cm - 170cm
Seat Depth24cm30cm38cm43cm43cm
Seat width at back21cm23cm27cm30cm41cm
Seat width at front28cm30cm37cm39cm50cm
Back height60cm69cm74cm81cm81cm
Chair total width46cm49cm57cm60cm71cm
Chair total height55cm61cm67cm71cm72cm
Chair total depth60cm71cm82cm91cm91cm
Weight limit 100kg100kg100kg100kg100kg

Warranty Information
The Gravity Chair comes with a 12 month warranty.  

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
There are no relevant standards which apply.  

    ARTG Certificate: 164797 

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