The Symmetrisleep positioning system is a great tool in 24 hour positioning for clients of all ages and needs. The positioning system is easy to set up and incorporate into families daily routines. The Symmetrisleep is extremely versatile and can be set up as simply or complex as clients needs dictate. It’s flexibility means it can be changed or added to as clients grow or their posture changes.

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What does Symmetrisleep do?

Sleeping without Symmetrisleep
Sleeping without Symmetrisleep
Sleeping with Symmetrisleep

Symmetrisleep enables people with movement problems to learn to lie straight. Therapists are finding that it can prevent distortion of body shape or even correct established problems when used as part of a 24 hour Postural Care Programme.

The system allows a gentle progressive approach to complex problems. Elements can be introduced gradually during the day and night as tolerance builds. Symmetrisleep is the first and only system that has been designed to provide the biomechanical rotational forces to improve chest shape where the necessary forces can be gently applied to counteract rotation. 


  • Is adjustable, comfortable support for those who cannot move easily
  • Reduces the need for repositioning, ensuring that family members and carers may be disturbed less frequently.
  • Improves comfort and reduces abnormality of tone during the night for easier nights and better mornings.
  • Helps to maintain body symmetry and protects joints from the destructive effects of gravity.
  • Is infinitely adjustable for position, shape or age.
  • Is easy to fit.
  • Is easy to change between positions.
  • Reduce point pressures, reduce skin humidity and provide active temperature regulation through the use of Symmetrisleep

Any mattress, any position, even sitting up!

What’s underneath? Symmetrisleep systems shown without the Overmantle and top sheet. 

With the Velcro sheet, pressure relieving Airmantle and stretchy sheet in place, the system is ready and the bed has a flat surface for easy transfer.
When the user is ready, the brackets and pillows that provide support are fitted. The system is quickly built up to support the client rather than having to fit the client to an existing form: carers find that it only takes a moment to get this right and fine adjustments can be made instantly.

Fitting the brackets is easy and intuitive with no fiddling about. Some carers prefer to fit them when the user has fallen asleep. Experience shows that even when away from home, staff quickly take instruction from parents on how to use the system successfully.

Remember- you can use Symmetrisleep by day as well as at night. If only used for 2 hours daily, that’s 730 hours of progressive passive therapy per year. If used for the whole night, that’s about 3000 hours at a time when the body is relaxed & most receptive.

Symmetrisleep diagram in supine position
Symmetrisleep diagram in side lying position
Symmetrisleep diagram in prone position

Benefits and features:

Symmetrisleep positioning brackets
Build your own system
With Symmetrisleep, you only need to purchase the specific components you need. No more storing equipment pieces that aren’t needed in the cupboard. You can start with as many or few components as you need, and add to them over time if needed.
Symmetrisleep and shear reduction
Pressure management

Symmetrisleep works by spreading the load over a greater surface area and reducing point pressures. Users frequently enjoy a reduction of contracture which also help to reduce loading on areas such as the heel and elbows.

Symmetrisleep also helps maintain the user in position and be used to counter shear forces, such as those encountered when sitting up in bed.

Wipedown covers
The new Symmetrisleep wipedown covers are designed for easy cleaning. ‘Welded’ PU cushions, pads and overmantles prevent any fluid ingress. Covers, sheets and velcro can all be laundered at 75°.
CoolOver TR3

Symmetrisleep is available with CoolOver TR3, a temperature regulating fabric that contains tiny Omnitherm microcapsules that absorb heat when your temperature rises and give it back when your temperature falls, helping to maintain a more even temperature for a better nights sleep.

Temperature regulation with Airmantle

The Symmetrisleep Airmantle is designed to fit over the sheets and positioning brackets to create a smooth surface. The Airmantle moulds to support the body for maximum protection and a good nights sleep, while offering temperature regulation.

During the Symmetrisleep also helps maintain the user in position and be used to counter shear forces, such as those encountered when sitting up in bed.

Video guides for using Symmetrisleep:

Supported lying 1: getting started
Supported lying 2: overmantle choices
Supported lying 3: overmantles fitting wipedown
Supported lying 4: fitting the sheet
Supported lying 5: fitting and removing brackets
Supported lying 6: fitting the bracket pads
Supported lying 7: supine hips and chest
Supported lying 8: supine legs and feet
Supported lying 9: supine legs pillow brackets
Supported lying 10: supine head and shoulders

Available options

Technical specifications

Velcro Positioning Sheet specifications
Velcro Positioning Sheet
Cot100cm x 75cm0.4kg
3/4160cm x 80cm0.5kg
Single190cm x 100cm0.6kg
King Single205cm x 106cm0.6kg
Positioning Brackets
Small (supplied as a pair)10cm x 13cm x 8cm0.15kg
Medium (supplied as a pair)16cm x 13cm x 13cm0.25kg
Large (supplied individually)15cm x 25cm x 25cm0.3kg
Positioning Brackets with Coolover Positioning Pads
Small (supplied as a pair)17cm x 15cm0.25kg
Medium (supplied as a pair)20cm x 25cm0.5kg
Large (supplied individually)25cm x 28cm0.4kg
Cot145cm x 73cm x 1xm1.9kg
Single190cm x 100cm x 20cm3kg
Coolover Fitted Sheet specifications
Coolover Fitted Sheet 
Cot132cm x 63cm0.6kg
3/4160cm x 80cm1.2kg
Single190cm x 106cm1.4kg
King Single210cm x 106cm1.4kg
Double215cm x 150cm2.2kg
Unfitted320cm x 210cm
Lowzone Cushion specifications
Lowzone Cushions
A - Square30cm x 30cm0.3kg
C - Medium Oblong30cm x 45cm0.35kg
D - Large Oblong45cm x 75cm1.5kg
ES - Horseshoe25cm x 37cm0.5kg
EM - Horseshoe30cm x 65cm1kg
EL - Horseshoe35cm x 80cm1.1kg
F - Small Roll8cm x 30cm0.1kg
G - Medium Roll13cm x 40cm0.35kg
G+ - Medium Roll13cm x 60cm0.4kg
Z Pillow

Warranty Information
Symmetrisleep is guaranteed against faulty materials and faulty workmanship for a period of twelve months from the date of delivery. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Symmetrisleep has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • BS EN 12182
  • BS EN 14533: 2015
  • BS EN 7177:2008+A1:2011
  • ISO 9001:2015

ARTG Certificate: The Symmetrisleep does not require an ARTG certificate as it is classified as mattress accessories. 

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