Jenx Multistander with Abduction

The Jenx Multistander Abduction accessory opens up the opportunities and benefits of abducted standing for even the smallest children down to 9 months old.

This new accessory, available for the Multistander size 1, offers the option of abduction which allows 0-30° of individual leg abduction in 5° increments. This is available as either a standalone accessory to retrofit to existing Multistanders manufactured after 2015 or as a complete base unit ready to customise with accessories. The addition of the abduction accessory now ensures Multistander by Jenx offers children the opportunity to continue standing at peer height in either a neutral or abducted hip position.

More Information

Jenx Multistander with Abduction being used in a school setting


Jenx Multistander with Abduction in abducted position
30° of leg abduction
0° to 30° of abduction can be achieved in each leg in 5° incremental stages. The simple yet strong locking mechanism allows legs to be positioned at the desired angle.
Jenx Multistander with Abduction used at optimum height level
Optimum user height
Careful consideration has been given to ensure this accessory still allows for peer height interaction with the child standing as close to floor height as possible.
Jenx Multistander with Abduction with tool free adjustments
Tool free adjustments
The tool free abduction mechanism allows simple angle adjustments to the leg position of the user with minimal effort.

Available options and accessories 

Technical specifications

Age range (approx)9 months - 6 years
Max user weight35kg
Angle range0° - 90°
Max user height116cm
Frame length71cm
Frame width56.5cm
Chest and hip pad width14cm - 27.5cm
Knee block width12cm - 40cm
Height of stander61cm - 94cm
Leg abduction30°
Foot support angle dorsiflexion15°
Foot support angle plantarflexion15°

Warranty Information
The Jenx Multistander is provided with a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase.  

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Jenx Multistander has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • EN12182:2012 
  • EN60601-1-2:2007 page1image56233728 page1image56234304 

ARTG Certificate: 261592 

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