Jenx Multistander

The Jenx Multistander is a versatile standing frame, suitable for children from around 9 months right up to 13 years across 2 sizes which provides highly supportive standing. It is ideal for growing children in multi-use environments.

The Multistander offers an unrivalled amount of adjustment for height and width, and a maximum user weight of 60kg on the size 2, which makes it a great choice for growing children or multi-user environments. Smooth and easy angle adjustments take the Multistander from horizontal right through to upright facilitating easy transfers in supine and an unlimited scope for setting the precise standing angle required for every child.

The wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options allow you to customise every Multistander for any individual user, whilst the deliberately open design ensures you can easily see exactly how they are positioned each and every time. The capacity for outstanding thoracic and pelvic support coupled with highly adjustable leg positioning options make the Multistander a great option for almost every child.  If you need flexibility, the Jenx Multistander has got it!

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Jenx Multistander in use at GTK


Jenx Multistander in blue and lime at GTK
Exceptional growth and versatility
The size 2 Multistander can be used by a child at the start of their school life and grows with them until they are 13 years old, providing 10 years of growth.
Jenx Multistander at GTK
Easy lifting and hoist transfers
All support pads can be easily moved or removed to prevent them from being a barrier to safe and dignified transfers. Once safely held, the support pads can be moved to provide the optimal corrective positioning. The Multistander is able to recline to virtually horizontal.
Jenx Multistander knee supports at GTK
Independently adjustable supports
The knee blocks are independently adjustable for height, width, depth and angle allowing you to precisely position the knees of every child.
Jenx Multistander in horizontal position at GTK
Infinite angle adjustment
The support surface angle can be adjusted from 10° off horizontal through to upright at 90°. This adjustment is infinite within that range to ensure the exact angle necessary for a child can be achieved.

Available options and accessories 

Technical specifications

Size 1 in supine configurationSize 1 in prone configurationSize 2 in supine configurationSize 2 in prone configuration
Age range (approx)9 months - 6 years9 months - 6 years3 years - 13 years3 years - 13 years
Max user weight35kg35kg60kg60kg
Angle range90° - 10°10° - 90°10° - 90° powered
0° - 80° manual
10° - 90° powered
0° - 80° manual
Max user height116cm116cm175cm175cm
Frame length71cm71cm99.5cm
Frame width56.5cm56.5cm65cm65mc
Frame height (floor to top of upper pad)660cm - 900cm600cm - 900cm660cm - 900cm600cm - 900cm
Minimum height (foot to top of upper support)57cm49.5cm77.5cm70cm
Maximum height (foot to top of upper support)86cm86cm117cm117cm
Minimum height (foot to top of headrest)66cm-84cm-
Maximum height (foot to top of headrest)116cm-135cm (no shoulder support)
150cm (shoulder support)
Chest pad width15cm - 26cm15cm - 26cm17cm - 32cm17cm - 32cm
Hip pad width12cm - 26cm12cm - 26cm17cm - 32cm17cm - 32cm
Knee block width (centre to centre)12cm - 20cm12cm - 20cm14.5cm - 28cm14.5cm - 28cm
Foot angle range-15° - +15°-15° - +15°-15° - +15°-15° - +15°

Warranty Information
The Jenx Multistander is provided with a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase.  

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Jenx Multistander has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • EN12182:2012 
  • EN60601-1-2:2007 page1image56233728 page1image56234304 

ARTG Certificate: 261592 

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