The KidWalk dynamic walking aid allows children with limited mobility to live out their exploratory spirit, play with other children and move about without the help of others. Not only does the KidWalk provide stable pelvis and trunk support, it also permits walking with a largely natural gait pattern at eye level with other children.

KidWalk’s posturally supportive weight shift mechanism allows work on balance and motor development, while the hands-free design allows the child to touch, feel and learn from their surroundings. KidWalk enables children to be participants in their world, not as observers, through hands free, self-initiated exploration.

The KidWalk features dynamic movement, where the entire support system moves up and down, side to side, and rotates to support a natural gait pattern. The dynamic movement requires less effort to initiate and sustain movement, resulting in less fatigue. The pelvic support is adjustable in all three planes, with system dials in to maximise pelvic symmetry. Many adjustments can be made with the child in the KidWalk, removing the needs for multiple transfers.

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Kidwalk at eye level
Free motion

Thanks to stable support for the pelvis and trunk, your child can move freely and at eye level with others. 

Kidwalk in use
Dynamic positioning unit

The dynamic positioning unit supports the development of a natural gait pattern. 

Kidwalk in use at ballet bar
Open front design

The open front design and hands-free positioning enables closeness to objects and people. The KidWalk promotes access and exploration for development. 

Technical specifications
 Size 1Size 2
Approximate age1 to 7 years5 to 12 years
Maximum user weight30kg40kg
Seat height (inside leg length)279mm - 550mm375mm - 700mm
Hip width140mm - 235mm180mm - 290mm
Trunk width165mm - 255mm220mm - 370mm
Armpit height245mm - 410mm300mm - 560mm
Trunk depth (standard)102mm - 165mm140mm - 216mm
Hip width (standard)89mm - 152mm127mm - 178mm
Frame width600mm688mm
Frame length675mm800mm
Adaptor column height825mm930mm
Overall length 825mm - 875mm900mm - 950mm
Wheels500mm (20")600mm (24")

Warranty Information
A three year warranty against faulty manufacturing is provided on the Kidwalk frame. A two year warranty is provided on the straps, and a three-month warranty provided on all other components. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
There are no relevant standards for the Kidwalk to comply with. 

ARTG Certificate: 175458

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