Klaxon Klick Electric

The Klaxon Klick Electric is the all-rounder of the Klaxon range. Its powerful handbike design will take you from outdoor adventures to your day to day activities, and its small turning radius results in it being easily manoeuvrable in small spaces. Its ‘walking pace’ system is ideal for relaxing strolls, where the Klick Electric will maintain a constant speed of 4.5km/h.

The Klaxon Klick range is unique as it has an innovative, patented linking system and universal connection hub that easily attaches to any manual wheelchair types, including foldable wheelchairs.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Motor: 36V x 370W brushes
  • Wheel: 14” smooth tyre tread
  • Display: Multifunction LCD, 5 speed settings, walking pace
  • Battery: Lithium 36V x 5.8Ah (weight 1.3kg)
  • Handlebar: Aluminium and adjustable in height, depth and angle
  • Brakes: Double brake system 160mm with Electronic Brake System. The Electronic Brake System allows for one touch being all it takes to stop the Klick without having to use the mechanical brake. All energy produced will be recovered and used to recharge the battery.
  • Weight: 8.0kg (battery excluded)
  • Size: W 50cm x H 90cm x D 40cm
  • Range: Approximately 25km (speed setting 1, level ground)
  • Included accessories: Battery 5.8Ah with battery charger, reverse gear, LCD display, bell, foldable kickstand, splashguard

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