Leckey MyWay

The Leckey MyWay is a stabilising walker equipped with a revolutionary harness system. This revolutionary harness support system delivers the core stability required to support head control and limb movement, enabling children to achieve optimum stepping ability.

MyWay leads the way when it comes to maximising opportunities for independent movement and giving children the freedom to explore their world. The genius behind this is MyWay’s revolutionary supportive harness and minimalist open-front, hands-free design.

MyWay’s unique corset-like harness delivers the core stability required to develop head and limb control, enabling children to achieve an optimum stepping pattern and active movement. The hug-like effect of the harness increases sensory feedback, dampens involuntary movement and increases a user’s confidence and chance of succeeding.

The MyWay frame is an open-front, hands-free design which makes touching, feeling, participating and discovering easier, giving children greater opportunities for development and learning. Furthermore, the open-design allows therapists to get close to the child and work with their lower limbs whilst they are in MyWay, facilitating guided movement and maximising the potential for therapeutic benefits.

The MyWay is also available with the MyWay Pedal, an elliptical trainer which attaches to the size 2 and 3 MyWay frame. It helps improve strength and functional ability and is ideal for giving kids the opportunity to be active and have fun.

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Leckey MyWay Walker in use


Playing football in the Leckey MyWay
Open frame design
MyWay’s open-frame design makes touching, feeling, participating and discovering easier, giving children more opportunities for development and learning. It also allows therapists to get close to the child and work with their lower limbs whilst they are in MyWay.
Leckey MyWay Walker harness
Innovative harness with straps
Many children experience difficulties maintaining good trunk alignment when in an upright position but the MyWay harness offers something different. The structure and comfortable support delivered by the harness means it works for children with a range of postural support needs. The MyWay harness also provides a ‘hug’ like effect, which can increase sensory feedback, dampen involuntary movement and provide comfort.
Leckey MyWay Walker with push handle
Wide range of accessories

The long list of accessories available for the MyWay allows you to configure it according to the specific needs of the child.

Available options and accessories 

Technical specifications

Frame SizeSize 1Size 2Size 3
Age (approx.)1 to 5 years4 to 11 years9 to 16 years
Maximum user weight 25kg50kg80kg
User shoulder height (to floor)635mm - 920mm870mm - 1190mm1070mm - 1490mm
User saddle height (inside leg)220mm - 440mm400mm - 610mm550mm - 810mm
Frame weight12kg6.5kg9.5kg
Upper Support Unit Weight Size 1 frame and upper support unit do not separate10.5kg11kg
Frame width570mm670mm720mm
Frame length720mm850mm1100mm
Harness SizeAge (approx)Waist at Navel levelMaximum user weightColour
11 to 4 years46cm - 56cm50kgPurple
22 to 6 years50cm - 60cm50kgGreen
35 to 9 years55cm - 65cm50kgBlue
48 to 12 years60cm -70cm80kgRed
512 to 15 years70cm - 80cm80kgOrange
6Up to 16 years80cm - 90cm80kgGrey
Warranty Information
A three year warranty is provided on all Leckey manufactured products and components.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Leckey MyWay Walker has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • ISO 13485:2016page1image56240064 page1image56233728 page1image56234304 

ARTG Certificate: 298443 

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