Leckey Squiggles TT Standing Frame

The evolutionary new Squiggles TT is an early intervention standing frame that facilitates Targeted Training for children aged 1-5 years. Targeted Training can reduce the amount of equipment and intervention children may need in later life. This evidence-based therapy is carried out with the child in an upright position, training just one segment of their trunk at a time. Allowing them to gain sequential control from the top down and develop vital, functional skills.

While maintaining the features from the Squiggles+, new features for the Squiggles TT include: snug, more supportive wraps and a dynamic base to facilitate Targeted Training. The Squiggles TT allows fully horizontal loading in supine, the dynamic base for Targeted Training and snug, supportive trunk and pelvic wraps to facilitate Targeted Training at each trunk segment.

A conversion kit available for existing Squiggles+ users to convert a Squiggles+ stander to the Squiggles TT. 

More Information

Benefits of Targeted Training and the Squiggles TT

Squiggles TT stander in use
Targeted Training is a ground-breaking therapy approach that can offer significant benefits to a child, helping them increase functional abilities by improving trunk control.
Close up of Squiggles TT stander in use
Targeted Training is carried out with the child in an upright position, training just one segment of their trunk at a time. This allows them to gain sequential control from the top down, with the equipment supporting the uncontrolled segments.
Child using Squiggles TT
Using the Squiggles TT, you can enhance your child’s current standing programme by incorporating Targeted Training into the routine or use it as a standalone therapy.


Squiggles TT stander with dynamic base
Dynamic base
The dynamic base allows children to experience rocking movement whilst gaining upright postural control.
Squiggles TT stander with close up of wraps
Snug, supportive wraps
The comfortable and supportive wraps have a repeatable function to be easily replicated by parents and carers.
Squiggles TT stander set up for supine transfer
Supine transfers
Supine transfers allow Targeted Training from the head down to the lower lumbar area of the trunk.
Squiggles TT stander with horizontal supports
Horizontal support
Horizontal support for additional stability during transfers.
Squiggles TT stander showing close up of medial knee supports
Larger Medial Thigh Supports
Larger more comfortable medial knee supports provide improved wrap support to maintain knee in neutral flexion or extension.
Squiggles TT stander with tray
Padded Activity Tray
A padded tray to allow for Targeted Training at upper thoracic level.
Technical specifications
Age (approx.)1 - 5 years
Maximum user weight 22kg
User height730mm - 1110mm
Chest supportAngle adjustment +/- 30°
Depth adjustment 50mm
Trunk support height (footplate to armpit)460mm - 840mm
Trunk/pelvic width135mm - 250mm
Pelvic support height (distance from footplate to mid-buttock)360mm - 600mm
Distance between midline of knees140mm - 215mm
Footplate anglePlantarflexion 10° | Dorsiflexion 10°
Tray height 480mm - 825mm
Pivot chassis footprint (minimum dimensions for storage)Width 660mm | Length 700mm | Height 300mm
Pivot chassis weightMinumum 5.5kg
Standard support frame footprint (minimum dimensions for storage)Width 360mm | Length 890mm | Height 380mm
Standard support frame weight Minimum 7kg
Warranty Information
A three year warranty is provided on all Leckey manufactured products and components.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Leckey Squiggles TT Stander has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • ISO 13485:2016page1image56240064 page1image56233728  

ARTG Certificate: 298443 

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