Magic Mobility 360 Power Wheelchair

The Magic 360 is the perfect chair for active users all the way from children up to urban professionals and active outdoor adventurers. It is a great option for those who live in smaller housing in major cities where getting around indoors and on transport is important, but who still want a power wheelchair that can handle the great outdoors. With a compact body between 610-660mm wide (depending on wheel choice), the Magic 360 is compact enough to move easily indoors and yet equipped with all the requirements for tackling more adventurous outdoor terrain.


More Information

Magic Mobility 360 - rear view
Urban manoeuvrability combined with off-road capability

The Magic 360 is compact enough to travel around urban areas with ease, while offering the freedom to get outdoors and enjoy off road experiences. The Magic 360 can seamlessly travel between an afternoon fishing down at the river, to indoors in your everyday work and family life. Increased stability allows it to drive at 5 km/h in its fully elevated position.

Twin 800 watt motors deliver more than twice as much torque as any other chair in its class. Combine the powerful motors with the Magic 360’s improved all-wheel suspension and Magic Mobility’s typical robust build quality, and you have a power wheelchair built to tackle a wide range of terrain. Combine the Magic 360 with off-road 14” wheels, and you’ve got the ultimate compact off-roader. Off-road grunt now looks good indoors.

Magic Mobility 360 - off road terrain
Easy-change wheel choices

Interchangeable wheels can be tailored to move you from tight indoor spaces, to urban streetscapes and beyond to off-road terrain. You get to choose the right tyres to suit the terrain and adventures you want.

  • The Urban 14” tyres are the ideal solution for ultimate indoor and urban manoeuvrability. The Urban tyres provide the narrowest base width at 610mm.
  • The Crossover 14” tyres provide the most comfortable ride yet, particularly when combined with the Magic 360’s no-jiggle suspension system. Crossover tyres further absorb and cushion bumps, with less impact to your body, and minimal sacrifice to the overall width of the chair at 635mm.
  • The Off-road 14” tyres are the best choice for improved all-terrain capability and maximum traction outdoors. They are ideal for getting off the beaten track. The widest of the three tyre variants, the off-road tyres provide a compact footprint of 660mm.
Magic 360 - close up of wheels at GTK
The drive wheel is positioned further back on the base

This drive wheel position lessens force making the user feel more secure and comfortable. The Magic 360 offers great climbing ability for maximum grip and stability, and can easily climb 5-6” kerb.

Magic 360 tyre options
The Magic 360 has great off-road capabilities, which can be improved by choice of wheels

With two powerful 800 watt motors, and improved all-wheel suspension, the Magic 360 is built to tackle a wide range of terrain. Combine this with off-road 14” wheels, and you’ve got the ultimate compact off-roader. Interchangeable wheels can be tailored to move users from tight indoors, urban streetscapes or off-road terrain.

Single sided forks and reduced base width

Allows the Magic 360 to manoeuvre easily indoors.  

Improved all-wheel suspension

Provides the most comfortable ride yet, better control and turning

Technical Specifications

User weight limit160kg
Seating (depth and width)205mm - 560mm
12" to 22"
Maximum speed10 km/h
5 km/h with 12" power lift
Width of base610mm | 635mm | 660mm depending on tyres in use
Seat to floor height435mm
Ground clearance90mm
Castors (front and back)200mm/8" solid
Turning radius555mm
Motors2 x 800W gear in line
Chair weight 140kg - 175kg depending on options chosen
Drive electronicsR-Net
Battery size73Ah gel

Warranty Information
The Magic Mobility 360 power wheelchair is under full warranty for the first 12 months. The frame, bogie and trailing arms, and forks have a limited lifetime warranty. Exclusions to the warranty include:

  • damage due to misuse, accidents or alternations
  • General wear and tear (tyres, batteries, upholstery, scratches, damage)
  • Accidents, including collisions, fire, theft and riot
  • Alterations including modification and tampering
  • Repairs performed or replacement parts installed by any person other than an Authorised Agent
  • A replacement part of accessory not conforming to Magic Mobility’s specification. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Magic Mobility 360 has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • ISO 7176 
  • AS/NZS 3696.2
  • AS/NZS 3696.5
  • AS/NZS 3695.2
  • EN12184
  • ISO9001

ARTG Certificate: 118527

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