Medifab Carewave Positioning System

The CareWave body positioning system offers lying support for all ages, from infants to adults. It provides families and carers with an extremely flexible positioning system that is easy to set up and adjust as the user changes. Featuring various cushion shapes, the CareWave system can be customised based on the user’s positioning needs. These cushions have an anti-microbial treatment and are easy to clean and disinfect. The CareWave system is transportable and provides maximum comfort for night time while still providing adequate support to maintain desired postures.

The CareWave can be also be used on the floor for positioning during the day. Unique micro-particle padding means that the carer can increase or decrease the support and comfort level around the user’s body and limbs by simply adjusting the filling. The CareWave can be rolled up, packed up and transported quickly and easily.

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CareWave options:

CareWave Kit with bag
CareWave Kit
The CareWave Kit is made for supine, prone or side-lying in an easy to use kit. The CareKit includes a micro-particle positioning mattress, two cylindrical bolster cushions, one small half-moon cushion, one abduction cushion, one small universal cushion and a transport bag.
 Mattress length
Small Care Kit120cm
Large Care Kit160cm
CareWave Delta cushion with diagrams
CareWave Delta
The Detal cushion can create lateral stability either alone, with one on each side or an extra pillow to create a neutral position in the knee and hip joints. It can also be used in a semi fowler position by placing it under the legs.
 SmallLargeXX Large
CareWave Universal
Used to avoid rubbing between the knees, calves or heels. It can placed under the feet to help reduce pressure on heels. It can also be used simply as a pillow.
CareWave Cylindrical
Can be used between legs, under heels and ankles in order to reduce pressure. It can also be used to prevent the user from falling forwards from a side-lying position. The Cylindrical cushion often provides sufficient support to achieve a corrected position for many users, and can help achieve sufficient angles to keep the airway open and ensure a neutral position of the joints involved.
CareWave Abduction cushion
CareWave Abduction
The Abduction cushion is designed for use to be placed in the crotch area when the user is lying down to keep the lower limbs in a neutral position. It can also be placed under the arm.
 SmallLargeXX Large
CareWave Semi-Fowler

The Semi-Fowler cushion gives support and holds the user comfortably in a semi-fowler position. The cushion can be placed under the legs, with the abduction module forward between the knees. 

CareWave Decubitus

This cushion supports shoulders, back, hips and knees of the user in a decubitus position and helps to reduce rubbing. It can provide excelled trunk stability while the hip and knee angle can be varied. The lower part of the ‘S’ can be drawn up between the knees, so that the good body symmetry can be achieved.

The Decubitis cushion can also be shaped into a ‘U’ shape by adjusting the fill and rotating one end. This can help provide a neutral position for the knee and hip joints, while the ends also provide support for the elbows.  

 SmallLargeXX Large
CareWave Decubitis Slim cushion
CareWave Decubitus Slim

This cushion is designed for positioning of lower limbs to prevent them from crossing. It also helps prevent lateral sliding. 

Carewave back cushion
CareWave Back Cushion
The Back Cushion maintains the back in a semi-sitting position when the user is sitting in bed or in a lateral decubitus position. It helps reduce the pressure on the ischium and heels. It can also be used in a sitting position in a chair.
Carewave Body Bolster cushion
CareWave Back Cushion
The Body Bolster allows full support of the body from head to feet. When used in a lateral position, the body bolster protects against pressures and avoids friction and pressure points on arms, knees and calves.
CareWave Half Moon
CareWave Half Moon

The Half-Moon cushion gives supporting holds the user comfortably in a lying or sitting position, and can be used to stabilise the upper body. The filling can be moved within the cushion so you can arrange it to adjust the head and arm height.

If you want to counteract unwanted lateral movement of the body, the ends of the half-moon can be pushed under the hip area. Body weight will stabilise the pelvis and prevent unwanted movement.

CareWave ring cushion
CareWave Ring Cushion
The Ring Cushion comfortably supports the user’s head. If head support is needed on one side in particular, the filling can be shaken to one side of the cushion and positioned slightly skewed to one sue if needed. The cushion can be positioned with the opening towards the user’s visual direction, which allows for a stable position for the head and neck, backwards and sideways.
Carewave Heel cushion
CareWave Heel Cushion

The Heel Cushion fixes to the mattress with an adjustable strap. It supports ankles and relieves pressure on the heel zone. 

 One Size
Carewave Heel Bootie
CareWave Heel Bootie
The Heel Bootie is designed to protect and prevent and feet and heels from injury and pressure, and to provide comfort whatever the user’s position. 
Length of foot surface25cm30cm
CareWave Bow cushion
CareWave Bow Cushion
The Bow Cushion can be used between the knees as an abduction cushion, or used under the heels to reduce pressure.
CareWave Ear Protection cushion
CareWave Ear Protection Cushion
The Ear Protection cushion comfortably supports the user’s head and relieves contact on the ear area to prevent pressure injuries. The cushion comes standard with two cotton covers.
 One size
Carewave Stabilegs
Stabilegs is designed to position the legs, and has removable and adjustable modules. The abduction module limits friction and prevents leg-crossing in cases of spasticity, and the adduction module ensures alignment of the lower limbs and pelvic stability. Stabilegs also positions the heels for comfort and to prevent pressure injuries.
 One size

The Fitleg is a positioning device for proper orthopaedic alignment of the lower limbs which prevents front sliding, friction and shear. Anatomic shape provides maximum comfort and stable positioning, and prevention of knee hyper-extension. The Fitleg reduces pressure on heels area by supporting the calves and thighs. 

The Fitleg Evo has abduction module to limit friction around knee articulations and prevent leg-crossing in case of spasticity.

 Fitleg SmallFitleg LargeFitleg Evo
CareWave Fitleg non-slip cushion
Fitleg Non-Slip
The Fitleg is a positioning device for proper orthopaedic alignment of the lower limbs with full or partial relief on the heels. It prevents knee hyperextension, and features high resiliency foam for stable positioning and optimised product life. Two distinct modules allow for customised user positioning.
 Fitleg Non-SlipFitleg Module
CareWave Hemi-Care cushion
Hemi-Care Cushion

The Hemi-Care cushion supports and holds the hands in a stable position. Both parts of the Hemi-Care cushion are fixed together with velcro strips. It maintains the arms in a position where they cannot slide and reduces pressure on the elbow area. For users with kyphosis, the Hemi-Care cushion helps maintains the back in straight alignment. 


Warranty Information
Medifab warrants that the CareWave Body Positioning System will be free of all defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The CareWave Body Positioning System has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • ISO 10993
  • ISO 12952

ARTG Certificate: 164671

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