Meywalk 4 Gait Trainer

The Meywalk 4 is the fourth generation of the well-known Meywalk product family. The Meywalk 4 stands out in the market of assistive technology by being spring suspended. The springs stimulate the muscles of the user and the movements that are a part of a natural gait are imitated. This way the gait pattern is developed. A new feature of Meywalk 4 is the dynamic saddle seat, unique to this walker, which also follows the movements of the user. The rubber suspended seat allows for a certain degree of hip rotation during gait.

The Meywalk 4 is available in four sizes and can be adjusted to fit the needs and size of each individual user. All settings are done easily without use of tools.

  • Front facing walking frame
  • Easy to enter from rear of frame
  • Swiveling front castors, thus easy to maneuver
  • Tool free adjustment
  • Excellent growth range

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