Molift EvoSling Ampu MediumBack Net Padded

The EvoSling Ampu MediumBack Net Padded is a secure and comfortable sling that has been specifically designed for people who have had a leg amputated, or who have weak muscle tone. It has a shoulder-height back and a narrow leg support opening.

The EvoSling Ampu is made of polyester net with anti-slip material on the inside beneath the buttocks for improved lifting security. It also allows the user to be seated comfortably in the reclining position. Leg supports in the sling are wrapped around the legs. To keep the leg supports together, the straps are passed through the strap guide loop. The modest leg support opening also reduces the risk of slipping.

The Ampu MediumBack Net Padded design has a red seam in the back of the net so that you can ensure the user is seated central on the sling at all times. It has a colour coded loop to help ensure you have the right fit, and there are application pockets in the leg supports and back to make applying the sling easier for the carers. There’s also a strap guided which helps stop the leg from sliding out of position, giving the user an added sense of security.

This design has a maximum capacity of 300 kilograms, with the XS for users from 17kg to 25kg, and the larger XXL for 230kg to 300kg.

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