Molift EvoSling FlexiStrap

The Molift EvoSling FlexiStrap is a lifting strap that is used to elevate or support a particular part of the body, whether that is a leg, arm, or other body part.

Essentially, this is designed to relieve the caregiver’s stress during therapy or cleaning, as well as providing easier access for examinations, bedpan placement, and dressing and undressing.

The EvoSling FlexiStrap can also be used for treatment or examination of the foot or wounds, and it can be used as an accessory for the Nova StandUp sling if users need added support. It’s available in two sizes, standard and wide, and is made with padded polyester that’s designed for comfort. Choose the size you require based on the user’s needs and the activity you want to use the strap for.

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