Molift EvoSling HighBack Net

The Molift EvoSling HighBack Net sling is suited to a range of users, particularly those who have a weak core and limited head stability. It’s constructed of durable and flexible polyester netting that dries quickly and provides good ventilation, making it ideal for use in the shower and bath.

The Molift EvoSling HighBack Net allows the user to sit in a comfortable reclining position, and it can lift someone from the floor or from a lying or seated position. At the same time, it provides comfortable head and back support. The Molift EvoSling was specifically designed to work with a two-point suspension system, however, it can also be utilised with the four-point suspension system if preferred.

It has a modest opening and split leg support and can be easily applied thanks to the pockets in the lower back and on the leg supports. Additional features include positioning guiding straps with a red seam at the back of the slings, as well as an informative, clear labelling system with washing instructions and technical information. The colour coded hoisting loops also mean you won’t get them mixed up when fitting the sling.

Available in XS to XXL, the Molift EvoSling HighBack Net sling is available in a variety of sizes. The XS is indicated for people weighing 17 to 25 kilos, while the XXL is suited for individuals weighing 230 to 300 kilos. It can support a maximum user weight of 300 kilos.

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