Molift EvoSling Hygiene Padded

The Molift EvoSling Hygiene Padded is a sling that has been customised for toilet use and it’s designed so that users with limited mobility can be safely and comfortably carried from their bed to a nearby commode.

This design is best suited for users who have good core stability and muscle tone and can hold their own head up. It is a low-back sling with a large leg opening that makes dressing and undressing more convenient.

The Molift EvoSling Hygiene Padded is secure, with an adjustable belt; and comfortable, with padded sections that help to increase comfort for the user. It has large leg openings that give better access for toileting, and it’s simple to apply and remove. It works on the four point suspension system.

The colour coded hoist loops help you get the right fit, every time, and the flip up labelling system gives you all the important information easily, including washing instructions and technical details. Additional accessories are also available for a more personalised experience for users.

It comes with a range of sizing, from XS suited for people weighing 17kg to 25kg, to XXL for people weighing 230kg to 300kg. The maximum weight capacity is 300kg.

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