Molift EvoSling LowBack Padded

 The Molift EvoSling LowBack Padded sling provides shoulder height support for those who need it, and is particularly suited for at-home care situations, aged care or nursing homes. Suitable for users who can hold their head up, this sling is comfortable for sitting positions and allows users to have their arms either inside, or outside the sling. It is made from polyester with padding in the back and leg supports and is suitable for users who have good core stability. The EvoSling Hygiene includes a low back and a large leg support opening to make dressing and undressing easier when using the toilet.

Features include informative, clear labelling that makes it easy to understand both technical information and washing instructions, colour coded hoisting hoops that helps ensure you get the right fit for the user every time, and application pockets that have been added to the back and leg supports that make applying the sling much easier. There are also guide straps that assist with the positioning during lifting.

Molift has been producing high-quality hoists and slings for many years, with quality, comfort, and safety are all important factors during product creation. The company offers a wide choice of sling styles and sizes to meet the needs of any user.

There are six sizes, ranging from XS for 17-25 kilograms, through to XXL for 230-300 kilograms. It has a maximum capacity of 300 kilograms.

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