Molift EvoSling MediumBack Net Padded

Whether being used in a care home with clients, at home, or in a hospital setting, the Molift EvoSling Medium Back Net Padded is versatile and suitable for most common lifting requirements. It is ideal for showering and bathing, made from strong and flexible polyester that incorporates high ventilation and quick drying properties.

The Molift EvoSling Medium Back Net Padded sling is designed for users who have adequate head control but require additional back support. It allows you to sit in an upright position, and the back and leg rests are cushioned to enhance your comfort while doing so. The user puts their arms inside the sling for lifting, and the polyester net sling has a red seam in the middle of the back that ensures symmetry in positioning.

Optional extras include head support, flexistrap, extension loops, and a strap marker if required. It is suitable for use with either a two or four point suspension system.

Sizes range from XS, which is suitable for children weighing 17 to 25 kilos, to XXL, which is suitable for 230 to 300 kilos. 300 kilograms is the maximum weight capacity. This design is also available in a basic Padded style.

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