Motion Composites Apex C Rigid Frame Manual Wheelchair

The Apex Carbon wheelchair by Motion Composites belongs to a new era of rigid wheelchairs. A balanced blend of technology and design, it is the ultimate in lightness, durability, flexibility and style. An high-end technology and all the advantages of carbon fiber in a modern-looking, fully adjustable chair.

Made of the industry’s most advanced materials, the Apex Carbon wheelchair is truly state-of-the-art. The use of carbon fiber makes it incredibly light, while the cantilever frame provides optimal comfort by absorbing shocks and vibrations. A transport weight of 4.5kg ensures agile transportation and movement for well-being at all times. Carbon fiber has the unique quality of being one of the strongest, yet lightest materials on earth. It also has superior fatigue resistance and can withstand extreme temperatures. This ensures exceptional durability for a chair that will serve you for many years to come.

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Infinitely adjustable

Apex Carbon wheelchair offers a number of settings for a completely customized experience. Fully modular, the back angle, seat-to-floor height and rear wheel positions can all be adjusted for your comfort. Laser-etched markings make it easier to adjust key components and specify exact positioning.

Optimised handling

The rigidising bar unique to the Apex model maximizes stability while preserving reactivity. This sturdiness reduces lateral movement and offers optimal propulsion for greater mobility.

Bold, modern and refined design

While technology and function are important, so are design and aesthetics. Each detail of the Apex chair was carefully considered and thoughtfully designed to create a head-turning chair that challenges all wheelchair stereotypes.

Optimised handling

Infinitely adjustable

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