Nova StandUp sling

The Nova StandUp sling is a sit-to-stand support that’s great for both toileting and active transfers. It provides good lumbar support and is simple to use, requiring only minor adjustments. The Nova StandUp sling evenly distributes weight across the back and provides comfortable support for the user throughout the sit-to-stand transition.

Features include colour coded hoisting hoops that make it easy for you to determine the right fit, as well as informative and clear labelling that includes technical specifications and washing instructions. The sling’s belt is also fitted with an anti-slip surface on the inside for added security and comfort.

The Nova StandUp sling is available in sizes from XS, suitable for weight of 17kg to 25kg and waist size of 600mm to 750mm, up to XXL which is suited for 230kg to 300kg and waist size of 1250mm to 1450mm. The Molift EvoSling FlexiStrap can be used as an accessory to the sling for users who need extra support.

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