Ottobock Avantgarde DV Manual Folding Wheelchair

The Ottobock Avantgarde has proven itself over many years. The latest generation of the folding wheelchair made of aluminium distinguishes itself thanks to its low weight and elegant design.

The Avantgarde DV wheelchair features a high level of stability and offers proven benefits. The removable and swing-away leg supports let the user drive up close to objects. The leg supports can be folded in or out for this purpose, and removing the leg supports makes self-propulsion with the feet possible.

The lightweight construction and small folding size of the Avantgarde DV ensure easy handling for both the user and anyone assisting them to push or lift the wheelchair.

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More Information

Ottobock Avantgarde DV with handy back bag
Handy back bag
The back bag integrated into the back upholstery is easy for the user to reach and is equipped with a magnetic closure.
Ottobock Avantgarde DV push handles
New push handles
The new short push handles are optimised for low weight. Folding push handles are available as well.
Ottobock Avantgarde DV showing desk panel with armrest
Desk side panel with armrests
The desk side panel offers numerous functions to position the forearms and for transfers. The armrest features multiple adjustment possibilities, while the side panel can swing away to the rear, behind the back, and is removable.
Ottobock Avantgarde DV with elevating leg support
Elevating leg support
The height-adjustable leg support effectively supports leg positioning up to the horizontal.
Ottobock Avantgarde DV with integrated pockets
Integrated pockets
Two pockets below the seat upholstery provide space for the storage of personal items, protecting them against third-party access.
Ottobock Avantgarde DV in folded position
Small folding size
The Avantgarde stands out for its extremely small folding size. Straight leg supports further reduce the folding size by a significant amount.
Ottobock Avantgarde DV with anti tipper
The anti-tipper is spring-loaded, with multiple adjustment possibilities. This ensures straightforward operation and the tip-resistance of the wheelchair is assured even with extreme settings.
Ottobock Avantgarde DV with telescoping push handles
Telescoping push handles
Telescoping push handles ensure that the attendant can bring the handles to an ergonomic height for pushing in a few simple steps.
Technical specifications
Seat width320 - 520mm
Seat depth360 - 540mm
Front seat height380 - 540mm
Rear seat height360 - 520mm
Overall length740 - 1100mm
Overall width490 - 725mm
Overall height608 - 1150mm
Folding size from270mm
Back support height250 - 550mm
Lower leg length 160 - 510mm
Front frame angle75°
Weight from approx9kg
Maximum load100kg | 140kg with heavy duty option

Warranty Information
The Ottobock Avantgarde DV is warranted against faults in material and workmanship for two (2) years from purchase by Ottobock Australia Pty Ltd. This warranty period does not apply to batteries and actuators, which are warranted for one (1) year from purchase. Exclusions to the warranty include:

  • replacement of parts or consumables such as tyres, castors and cushions due to normal wear and tear; or
  • any defects caused by misuse or abuse, failure to assemble, operate or maintain the product according to the supplied instructions, accidental damage or any alterations made to the product which are not authorised by Ottobock Australia. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Avantgarde DV has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 3695.1:2011

ARTG Certificate: 241133

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