Ottobock B Series (Front Wheel Drive) Power Wheelchair

The B-series power wheelchair has a modular design that offers almost boundless possibilities for assembling custom-made devices for complex requirements. With front-wheel and rear-wheel drive models available, the specific driving characteristics and motor powers of two kinds of drive in two frame widths are at your disposal.

Apart from its compactness, front wheel drive offers a good climbing performance when faced with obstacles like curbs. Thanks to its small turning radius, good cornering ability and the ability to closely approach furniture, the front-wheel driven B-Series is your preferred partner for the indoors.

A high degree of flexibility is assured by the new VAS (variably adjustable seat) seat frame solution with Ergo-Joint back angle adjustment as well as innovative special and environmental controls, among other features.

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Ottobock B Series - front wheel drive anti tippers
Anti-tipping wheels

Users of power wheel chairs benefit from its anti-tipping wheels. When going uphill or up curbs they prevent your chair from tipping over. In order to maintain the climbing ability of your front-wheel driven B-Series, the flexible anti-tipping wheels fold back automatically as they touch the obstacle. 

Ottobock B Series - TEN° handheld control device
TEN° control device

Ottobock’s TEN° handheld control device stands for “the ergonomic network” and constitutes a small ergonomic revolution. Why? Because, for example, the soft hand pad helps to prevent premature fa- tigue. Plus, the innovative jog wheel offers a 10-degree rotation angle. The high-resolution 3.5 inch colour displays gives you a good overview of your user interface. You like to have the last word when it comes to deciding the colour scheme of your chair? You can choose to have the TEN’s aluminium housing in the colour of your choice.

Vibration compensation

The joysticks we use in our special control range, recognise vibrations which occur e.g. when driving over cobblestones. With ’Vibration Compensation’ you do not longer have to reduce the speed of the wheelchair on a bumpy road, the B-Series will automatically adjust to the situation.

Automatic speed reduction on curves

What exactly does this mean for you? This means that the control device automatically lowers your speed as soon as it detects a steering motion. 

Swivel lock

While a modern, manoeuvrable wheelchair typically makes driving backwards unnecessary, situations (such as exiting a lift) do occur which require a change in direction. A caster wheel lock can be extremely helpful in this case, as the fixed caster wheels remain in their straight-ahead position and prevent unwanted steering to the side. The same applies when driving on ramps and narrow passageways. The swivel lock can be ordered optionally as either a manual or electrical variant.

Technical specifications
Max loadChassis size 1: 140 kg, Chassis size 2: 160 kg
Speeds6 km/h | 7.2 km/h | 10km/h
Distance driving rangeUp to 35km
Climbing ability 10° / 17%
Obstacle height the wheelchair is able to overcome100mm
Overall widthChassis size 1: 600 mm, Chassis size 2: 640 mm
Minimum turning radius965 mm
Seat height (depending on seating solution)400mm – 550 mm
Seat width 340mm – 560 mm
Seat depth340mm - 500mm
Back support angle0° to + 30°
Seat tilt45° power
Seat inclination-3° | 0° | 3° | 6°
Back support height450mm/550 mm
Arm support height225mm – 350 mm
Lower leg length250mm – 540 mm
Weight when emptyFrom 107kg
Rated battery capacity 63 Ah (C5) / 74 Ah (C20) gel batteries (standard equipment)
Warranty Information
The Ottobock B Series power wheelchair is under warranty for 24 months. The frame has a 48 month warranty. Exclusions to the warranty include normal wear & tear, including e.g. tires, casters, ball bearings, textile covers, arm support pads, carbon brushes, lights), Force majeure and use for sports activities.  

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Ottobock B Series has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 3696.32:2013

ARTG Certificate: 292876

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