Pacer Gait Trainer

The Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer is suited to a wide variety of clients of different abilities, allowing them the flexibility to learn to walk, gain momentum and improve the muscle tone and use. It’s known for the modular design that provides flexibility and durability and can help with cognitive development and skeletal growth.

This trainer assists in the appropriate placement of the pelvis to provide dynamic weight bearing and weight shifting, both of which are necessary for a more natural gait pattern and easier walking.

The Rifton Pacer includes an upper frame and three bases that can be used to accommodate customers of various abilities – the bases are indoor, utility and over-treadmill. Major features include the foldable frame, allowing it to fit into most boots, easy rear access, and multi-positioning saddle which is adjustable in five directions so it’s ideal for perfect pelvic positioning. It has casters with a swivel lock, swivel release and brake to give greater control, and the top bar of the frame can be adjusted so it sits at waist level at all times.

With the Rifton Pacer, you don’t need any tools to modify the height, which can be done in one- or 2.5-inch increments; and the variable drag function will slow down fast-moving clients, help them to navigate corners better and stop them from veering in the wrong direction. Users can also be placed in either the anterior or posterior position with a few simple adjustments.

There are five sizes available, with the Mini suitable for up to 22 kilos, the Small for 34 kilograms, Medium for 68 kilograms, Large for 90 kilograms and XL for 113 kilograms. It’s available in five colours, including red, blue, grey, lime and pink and the colours are designed to withstand the weather. There are also a range of accessories available.


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