Permobil F3 Power Wheelchair

The F3 Corpus offers the smallest footprint of the F-series front wheel drive power wheelchairs. Its compact size and agility allows users to easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces.

The optimised battery weight distribution, lower centre of mass and fully adjustable ComfortRide suspension improve stability while traversing inclines or declines. Experience the enhanced functionality of the F3 by combining outstanding chassis performance with Permobil’s industry leading Corpus Seating System offering 12” of ActiveHeight and up to 30º of ActiveReach forward tilt technology.

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With 50° of posterior tilt, positioning and weight shifting becomes a breeze. 


With 12″ of ActiveHeight™️ vertical elevation, you’ll be able to see above the crowd and access the things you need that are always up on that high shelf. 


Your world isn’t one dimensional. Your seat elevator shouldn’t be either. ActiveReach™️ technology is the ultimate advantage in accessing your environment. By combining Corpus seating functions with up to 14” of seat elevation and up to 45º of anterior tilt, Permobil’s ActiveReach™️ technology enables you to reach for more. 

The benefits of ActiveReach™️ includes helping to facilitate forward weight shift for transfers, increasing functional reach to promote greater independence with daily activities, reducing the risk of injury associated with lateral and overhead reaching, and helping to aid digestion and speech production.


Enjoy 85° to 180° of backrest angle adjustment.

Active Reach Transfer Package

Do you need a footplate that lowers down to the ground to enable level standing transfers? The F3 has you covered.  

Permobil F3 - Compact Stability
Compact Stability
The F3 Corpus offers the smallest footprint of the F-series front wheel drive power wheelchairs. Its compact size and agility allows users to easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces.
Permobil F3 - ActiveHeight and ActiveReach
ActiveHeight and ActiveReach

With up to 12” of vertical seat adjustment and 30° of ActiveReach forward tilt capability, the F-Series empowers you to reach for more and go further faster with new elevated drive speeds of up to 10 km/h.

Even better suspension
Conquer your world with ComfortRide fully independent, adjustable suspension. Enjoy superior vibration reduction, ride comfort and drive performance for the widest variety of driving scenarios.
Technical specifications
Maximum user weight136kg
Driving range32.2km
Maximum speed8km/h | 10km/h
Length of base91.4cm
Width of base61cm
Base turning radius67.3cm
Ground clearance 7.6cm
Seat to floor height17.5", 18.5", 19.5"
Seat width17"-23" (2" increments)
Seat depth14"-22" (1" increments)
Tilt optionsPosterior: 0º-50º
Anterior: 5º, 10º and 20º
Backrest angle85º-120º (manual) | 85º-175º (power)
Legrest angle (optional power)85º-170º
Armrest pad lengths10", 13", 16", 18"
Backrest heights20", 23"-28" (by 1" increments)
Seat elevationOptional 12"
Drive electronicsR-Net 120A
It has now been over a month since I started using my new chair. It’s ability to tilt and go up and down at the press of a button has been particularly convenient and it’s comfort and ‘zippiness’ has been a constant joy. I already think of my F3 as an extension of body, a clear indication that this is the chair for me.
Permobil F3 in green
Andrew L.
F3 owner

Warranty Information
The Permobil F3 has a one year limited warranty.

You can download detailed warranty information from Permobil here.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Permobil F3 has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 3695.2:2013
  • ISO 7176-19:2008 

ARTG Certificate: 275074

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