Permobil F5 VS Power Wheelchair

Stand without compromise!

The Permobil F5 VS combines all of the performance features of the F5 Corpus with superior power standing wheelchair functionality. Fully programmable standing sequences allow user position to be optimised using supine, semi-reclined or sit to stand techniques. The F5 VS has the ability to further customise standing positions with the adjustable anterior chest pad, moldable knee supports and power articulating footplates. From face-to-face interactions to improved health outcomes, the F5 VS empowers you to explore the vast array of standing wheelchair benefits.

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Automatic Anti Tippers

The F5 Corpus VS’ powered anti-tippers are attached directly to the chassis and automatically deploy during the stand sequence, providing the most stable standing platform available, no matter the angle.

ActiveHeight and ActiveReach

The world isn’t one dimensional. Your seat elevator shouldn’t be either. ActiveHeight elevation and ActiveReach forward tilt perform seamlessly to create a seating system like no other.

Great ride comfort

A true fully independent suspension allows the F5 Corpus VS to absorb everyday terrain and obstacles with minimal translation to the user.

Automatic Anti Tippers

Great suspension

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