Permobil M5 Corpus Power Wheelchair

The Permobil M5 Power Wheelchair follows your natural body movement, giving you a best-in-class driving experience, so you can sit for longer, reach further and travel greater distances – especially when driving outdoors. With advanced FlexLink Pro suspension offering independent drive wheel suspension, it sets a new standard for mid-wheel drive comfort, providing stability and grip on slopes and uneven ground. That stability means you can drive while elevated with full suspension functionality, while the brighter LED lights offer enhanced visibility giving you the freedom to go further.

The Permobil M5’s fresh aesthetics and expanded colour choices mean you can give your wheelchair a personality to suit you.

Permobil have also introduced a new battery with a VoltPro charger that provides up to 25% greater driving distance, reduced charging times and a longer battery life, which can all be tracked using the MyPermobil App. The MyPermobil App also gives chair insights, including seat activity tracking, battery range estimates, and an integrated map, allowing you to plan your journey and get more from every adventure.

More Information

Permobil M5 suspension
Conquer more with FlexLink Pro Suspension
FlexLink Pro takes your ride comfort to the next level, with an additional drive wheel shock for even greater vibration reduction. Independent drive wheel suspension and unique swing-arm geometry balances stability, traction and comfort for the ultimate in mid-wheel drive performance. 
Permobil M5 - ActiveReach in use
Up to 20º of ActiveReach

ActiveReach™ forward tilt enables you to reach for more by creating up to 4.5″ of additional reach. This can be used for reaching beyond obstructions, into high cabinets, or even assist in transfers. Truly putting your world within reach. While functional reach and transfers are improved using a seat elevator, many functional tasks are still limited as the chair is positioned sideways to the task at hand or your knees are unable to remain under tabletops.

Permobil M5 - ActiveHeight in use
Up to 14″ of ActiveHeight
Rise above the status quo with 12″ ActiveHeight seat elevator options that help you reach new heights. Featuring three points of contact and a 3.5” rearward shift as the system elevates, experience maximum stability and a smaller footprint in elevation. ActiveHeight also does not lock out suspension at full elevation, so keep pace with a smooth ride at a top speed of 5.1 km/h.
Permobil M5 - colour mix and match options
Express your personality 

Make a statement with your M3. Choose from 13 different colours and 5 hydrographic options to add a little pizzazz to your ride. Mix and match to make your wheelchair stand out from the crowd.

Permobil M5 - LED lights
Light the way

Be more visible with powerful LED lights providing true pathway lighting and enhanced visibility. 

Permobil M5 - Battery life
Shorter charging times and longer battery life
The new Permobil battery and VoltPro charger work together to provide you with up to 25% greater driving distance, reduced charging times and longer battery life. Use the MyPermobil app to get even more from every adventure with seat activity tracking, battery range estimates and an integrated map.
Technical specifications
Maximum user weight136kg
Driving range32.2km (Group 24s)
Maximum speed10km/h
Length of base37.5"
Width of base25"
Base turning radius21.5"
Ground clearance 3"
Seat to floor height17.5", 18.5", 19.5"
Seat width17"-23" (2" increments)
Seat depth14"-22" (1" increments)
Tilt optionsPosterior: 0º-50º
Anterior: 5º, 10º and 20º
Backrest angle (optional power)85º-180º
Legrest angle (optional power)85º-180º
Armrest pad lengths10", 13", 16", 18"
Backrest heights20", 23"-28" (by 1" increments)
Seat elevationOptional 14"
Drive electronicsR-Net 120A
Drive wheel14"
Castors 8"
Weight (including batteries)192kg (Group 24s)

Warranty Information
The Permobil M5 has a two year limited warranty.

You can download detailed warranty information from Permobil here.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Permobil M5 has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • AS/NZS 3695.2:2013
  • ISO 7176-19:2008 

ARTG Certificate: 275074

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