Quickie 2 Lite Manual Wheelchair

The Quickie 2’s minimalist counterpart, the Quickie 2 Lite, features an extremely lightweight, modular frame with a rounded rear for unique style and either fixed or swing-away front hangers.

The Quickie 2 series brings advanced aesthetics and technology to the folding ultralight wheelchair. Manufactured out of 7000 Series Aerospace aluminium, the redesigned crossbrace is more rigid, stronger, and lighter. The incredibly versatile axle plate along with the modern wheels, caster housing and upholstery, provide you with a great-looking, easy-handling, and even more lightweight folding chair.

The Quickie 2 Lite is customised to your individual angles and measurements. The modular frame and interchangeable components can change with you as your body and environment change.

If you’re after a versatile, modular and lightweight folding wheelchair, look no further than the Quickie 2 Lite.

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Quickie 2- modular design
Modular frame design

The versatility of the Quickie 2 Lite folding wheelchair is in its modular frame that adapts with you as your function, body, and environment change. Independent, interchangeable frame components accommodate changing conditions without having to replace the entire wheelchair. You’re always getting the best from your adjustable wheelchair.

Quickie 2- Q-Fit technology
Q Fit Technology

The Quickie 2 Lite uses Q-Fit Technology to create a tight fit between components for a snug, out-of-the-box feel over the lifetime of the wheelchair. Living springs in the side guards and padded swing-away arms eliminate wiggle and rattling, while reversible seat saddles lock the seat rails in place for a smooth, rigid ride.

Quickie 2- environmental accessibility
Access your environment

Access every inch of your environment with the Quickie 2 Lite folding manual wheelchair. Low seat heights and swing-in/swing-out hangers allow you to maneuver around low surfaces and tight spaces. Its lightweight frame folds up with little effort for easy storage behind the seat of your car, so you and your family can travel comfortably. 

Technical specifications
Maximum user weight120kg
Transport weightFrom 5.4kg
Seat width14"-20"
Seat depth14"-20"
Front seat height13.5"-22"
Rear seat height13"-22"
Back angle adjustment-3° to + 15°
Frame/hanger angle60° | 70° | 80° | 90°
Camber0° | 2° | 4°
Transit approvedYes. This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19 / WC19

Warranty Information
The Quickie 2 Lite has a limited lifetime warranty on the frame (expected lifetime of frame is five years). There is a one year warranty on Sunrise Medical optioned and fitted parts. 

    Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
    The Quickie 2 Lite has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

    • AS/NZS 3695
    • AS/NZS 3696

    ARTG Certificate: 100167

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