Quickie iXpress Power Assist for Manual Wheelchairs

The iXpress offers a high performing, reliable Power Assist add-on system, turning a manual wheelchair into a compact and convenient powered solution. We are able to install the iXpress on our manual tilt and non-tilt range of products including TiLite, Ki Mobility, Invacare and Quickie Zippie frames.

  • Joystick or attendant control
  • Compact battery
  • Suitable for a range of wheelchair frames

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Quickie iXpress controller
Choose your controller
Conveniently choose between an ergonomically designed joystick or a fully functional attendant control option with innovative glide to steer operation.
Quickie iXpress Power Assist for Manual Wheelchairs
Tuned to you
The iXpress Power Assist Device features Japanese designed and made electronics which can be programmed for individual needs.
Quickie iXpress battery
Compact Battery Design
The iXpress is powered by easy to remove Nickel or Lithium batteries which have a 16km range before needing to be recharged.
Technical specifications
Maximum user weight120kg
BatteriesNickel or Lithium
Rangeup to 16km per charge
SpeedUp to 6km/h
System weight17.4kg

Warranty Information
The Quickie iXpress has a two year warranty on the frame and crossbrace and one year warranty on the motor/gearbox, electronics, batteries and other fitted parts at time of purchase. 

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Quickie iXpress has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • AS 3696

ARTG Certificate: 199076

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