Ride Custom Back Support

The Ride Custom Back provides exacting support for the widest range of needs — it is the better solution for those considering traditional custom wheelchair seating and also an ideal match for the growing and active user.

The shape capture process allows the Custom Back to be made to fit virtually any size and contour. The RideWorks scanning technology allows for custom moulds to be taken and ordered much quicker than traditional custom seating options. The Ride technology also allows for custom seating to be much smaller in depth, eliminating the chunky seating commonly associated with custom seating. Our GTK Consultants are Ride Certified, having completed Ride Design’s comprehensive wheelchair seating class to be able to prescribe Ride’s custom cushions and backrests.

Supports individual contours

The Custom Back supports the unique contours of the user’s body to provide accurate supportive contact.

Offers lightweight strength

A thin profile and lightweight design have little or no impact on wheelchair seat depth, width, or performance, making the Custom Back appropriate even for active users.

Two foam options

For a more forgiving user interface, an optional soft, open-cell polyurethane foam insert is available as an alternative to the firm, breathable composite foam liner.

Aids in protection and comfort

Supplementary padding and relief options improve protection and comfort at sensitive areas and also enhance the overall performance of the associated Ride wheelchair cushion.

Adjusts Easily

The infinitely adjustable FlexLoc mounting system allows adjustment in every axis of movement ensuring optimal balance and postural control. Height, depth, angle, and rotation can all be adjusted independently. Mounting hardware is available in fixed or quick release styles.

Grows along with the user

The Ride Custom Back can be modified for linear growth and weight change at a fraction of the cost of a new back.

Cover options

Spacer fabric or wipeable, incontinence-proof covers are available.

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