Rifton Activity Chair

The Rifton Activity Chair is highly recommended by therapists around the world. It provides adaptive seating that suits people of all shapes and sizes, all conditions and special needs, including everything from autism to cerebral palsy. It has been found to be effective in assisting with speech therapy, active learning, behavioural issues and feeding.

Created by therapists, the Activity chair is versatile, adaptable and durable. It is comfortable, customisable, and trusted; and allows for social inclusion and convenience. Suitable for anyone up to 102kg and from 78cm to 188cm in height, this chair is suitable for children and adults alike.

More Information

The Activity Chair comes with two base options, with the Hi/Lo base for easy transferring and optimal positioning; and the standard base for regular use – ideal for those who need self-generated calming through motion. It has tool-free adjustments and can be easily adjusted to suit any desk or table height, whether at home or in the classroom. The angle of the tilt and also the backrest incline can both be modified while the person is in the chair, and there are a variety of attachments available, including headrests and upper body supports.

Features include standard tilt-in-space that allows for sit-to-stand positioning, and tool-free adjustments that can be completed while the chair is in use, allowing you to find the ideal position for the user. There are easy-to-remove pads that make it simple to clean, a solid frame that’s long-lasting, and springs in the backrest and seat that allow for self-generated motion (lockable when not being used).

The Activity Chair is available in three sizes, each offering plenty of room for growth – Small is 81cm – 122cm, Medium is 102cm – 142cm and Large 127cm – 188cm. The standard base includes seat and back padding with adjustable belt, armrests and adjustable legs; while the Hi/Lo base has adjustable back, seat belt and footboard, wheeled base and armrests.

Rifton Activity Chair - easy adjustments
Easy adjustments

The Rifton Activity Chair can be easily adjusted while a client is in the chair. This saves time and makes adjustments much simpler to gauge. Seat depth can be safely and easily adjusted while a child is in the chair by pulling the handle beneath the seat.

Rifton Activity Chair - tilt in space

All Rifton Activity Chairs have tilt-in-space, which encourages sit-to-stand and resting positions. Tilt-in-space can be activated tool-free while your client is in the chair. The standard base tilts 15° forward and 15° back while the hi/lo base tilts 15° forward and 25° back. In addition to tilt-in-space, every Rifton Activity Chair’s backrest angle adjusts 5° forward and 20° back.

Rifton Activity Chair - spring back
Spring option

The optional seat and backrest springs on the Rifton Activity Chair standard base (and the backrest spring in the hi/lo base) allow for calming through self-generated motion – ideal for clients with autism. The spring column can be locked when not in use. 

Rifton Activity Chair - Arm Support options
Arm support options

Armrests provide lateral boundaries as well as upper extremity weight-bearing to aid truck control. The armrests can be raised or lowered individually to accommodate clients who need extra trunk stabilisation and can be set at angles ranging from horizontal to 60° up or down. Forearm prompts are also available, which facilitate head and trunk control while sitting and secure distal placement of upper extremities.

Rifton Activity Chair - hi-lo base
Hi-lo base foot pump

The large and medium hi-lo bases are height adjustable via a foot pump. The foot pump allows you to lower the user in the chair until their feet are on the floor, or raise it to a 81cm high table. The chair’s height can also be easily set for lateral transfers. 

The small hi-lo base is equipped with a gas spring to serve the same function. 

Rifton Activity Chair - castors
Castor swivel lock

When the castor swivel lock is engaged, the Rifton Activity Chair can be pushed in a straight line with drifting to the side. When the lock is disengaged, castors will swivel and the chair can be maneuovered into tight spaces. 

Rifton Activity Chair - leg options
Standard base leg options

Legs for the standard base chair are available in several options; height adjustable, long or short, stationary or with castors. Adjustable in 1″ increments, these legs allow you to position the user at the optimum height. The grippy tips of the stationary legs are designed to keep the user from sliding and moving across the floor, even with dynamic rocking. The legs with castors make your chair easy to move when transitioning from one classroom to another. 

Rifton Activity Chair - colours
Choice of 6 pad colours

Comfortable seat and backrest pads are essential for providing cushioned support and preventing pressure injuries. Rifton’s backrest and seat pads are made with polyurethane foam covered with a cleanable, health-care grade polyurethane coated fabric. The seat pads can be turned back to front for longer wear, and are available in 6 colour choices. 

Technical specifications
 Small standard baseSmall hi-lo baseMedium standard baseMedium hi-lo baseLarge standard baseLarge hi-lo base
User's overall height81cm - 122cm71cm - 122cm101cm - 142cm101cm - 142cm127cm - 188cm127cm - 188cm
Frame widthShort legs: 53cm
Long legs: 58cm
Short legs with castors: 57cm
Long legs with castors: 59cm
66cmShort legs: 59cm
Long legs: 62cm
Short legs with castors: 62cm
Long legs with castors: 64cm
70cmShort legs: 68cm
Long legs: 68cm
Short legs with castors: 70.5cm
Long legs with castors: 70.5cm
Seat angle for tilt-in-space15° forward, 25° back15° forward, 25° back15° forward, 25° back15° forward, 25° back15° forward, 25° back15° forward, 25° back
Backrest angle adjustment5° forward, 20° back5° forward, 20° back5° forward, 20° back5° forward, 20° back5° forward, 20° back5° forward, 20° back
Footboard knee angle45° - 100°45° - 100°45° - 100°45° - 100°45° - 100°45° - 100°
Seat width with hip guides18cm - 23cm18cm - 23cm21.5cm - 29cm21.5cm - 29cm28cm - 35.5cm28cm - 35.5cm
Seat width without hip guides30.5cm30.5cm35.5cm35.5cm43cm43cm
Seat depth (1" increments)20cm - 30.5cm (8"-12")
18cm - 28cm (7"-11") with mini kit
20cm - 30.5cm (8"-12")
18cm - 28cm (7"-11") with mini kit
28cm - 40cm (11"-16")28cm - 40cm (11"-16")38cm - 51cm (15"-20")38cm - 51cm (15"-20")
Trunk support width14cm - 29cm14cm - 29cm16.5cm - 30.5cm16.5cm - 30.5cm24cm - 35.5cm24cm - 35.5cm
Backrest height above seat32cm - 39cm32cm - 39cm39cm - 48cm39cm - 48cm48cm - 60cm48cm - 60cm
Headrest height above seat37cm - 53cm37cm - 53cm44cm - 62cm44cm - 62cm49.5cm - 75cm49.5cm - 75cm
Maximum user weight34kg34kg68kg68kg113kg113kg
Warranty Information
If a Rifton product breaks or fails in service during the first year, Rifton will replace it free of charge.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards
The Rifton Activity Chair is non-classified by international or AUS/NZ standards. 

ARTG Certificate: 196627

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