Rifton E-Pacer Gait Trainer

The Rifton E-Pacer can be a life-changing solution for clients who have grown too large or too dependent to be safely transferred into manual gait trainers. Its sit-to-stand lift functionality removes a major barrier to gait training for large or highly dependent clients, as it combines the powerful electric lift column and secure body support of Rifton’s TRAM with the multi-function casters of the Pacer.

The E-Pacer can perform the sit-to-stand transfer that is part of every gait training session with no lifting required.  The strong and rigid frame provides stability and security for heavier or taller users, and the wide range of height adjustment range provides versatility for use with clients of different statures. You can also use the E-Pacer for seat to seat transfers by attaching the thigh supports to the E-Pacer’s body support system, allowing a client to be moved from a wheelchair to a plinth with ease. The expandable legs widen the base legs for users needing extra step width or to get close to a wheelchair prior to a transfer.

The E-Pacer also comes with a built-in weight scale and option Bluetooth equipped scale and Gait Tracker mobile app to measure the load on the body support, enable for weight bearing progress to be monitored over time.

The E-Pacer accommodates users up to 195cm and 158kg.

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Rifton E-Pacer Gait Trainer


Rifton E-Pacer - effortless lifting
Effortless lifting

The carefully engineered, telescoping left column gives the E-Pacer an amazing range to adjustment. It can be raised high enough to support a 6’5″ (195.5cm) walking client and then retracted down to 83cm for compact storage. 

Rifton E-Pacer - castors
The ultimate in gait trainer castors

The innovative castors have swivel lock, brake, variable drag and directional lock functionality. You can use different combinations to control the E-Pacer’s speed and direction.

Each castor’s swivel can be locked independently. Lock all four to help the user walk in a straight line, or just the two rear castors to eliminate sideways drift. Release the swivel locks on all castors for movement in all directions. Use the directional lock to prevent involuntary backwards movement (only works with swivel lock engaged).

Rifton E-Pacer - expanding legs
Expanding legs

Swinging the leg expander bar spreads the E-Pacer frame to fit around large wheelchairs. 

Rifton E-Pacer - odometer

The optional odometer makes it easy to measure the distance covered.  

Rifton E-Pacer - scale

When the optional scale is paired with a tablet or phone via Bluetooth, the Gait Tracker App can track the user’s weight bearing process (app is available for Apple and Android devices). 

Technical specifications
Girth - measurement around bottom of user's ribcage (user's girth and height must not exceed these maximum dimensions)55.8cm - 139.7cm
Maximum user height when standing or ambulating (user's girth and height must not exceed these maximum dimensions)6'5" (195.6cm)
Maximum working load158kg
Minimum user armpit height (when standing or ambulating(80cm
Overall length113.6cm
Overall width80cm - 131cm
E-Pacer weight32.6kg
Turning diametre127cm
Floor to top of base leg for furniture clearance22.2cm
Warranty Information
If a Rifton product breaks or fails in service during the first year, Rifton will replace it free of charge.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards 
The Rifton E-Pacer has been tested to and complies with the following standards:

  • ISO 11199-3:2005 
ARTG Certificate: 196629

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