Rifton Mobile Stander

The Rifton Mobile Stander is a user-propelled standing device that provides new levels of independence and enables easy, upright interaction with peers and activities – providing enrichment opportunities and just plain fun!

The Mobile Stander encourages vertical posturing with weight-bearing and balance challenges similar to those experienced with independent standing. With its large wheels, the Mobile Stander provides self-propelled exploration and freedom. When the large wheels are removed, the stander gives wide-open access to tables or countertops. Users interact with their peers and their environments, while  developing weight-shifting, balance and postural control at the same time.

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More Information

Rifton Mobile Stander - four sizes
The Mobile Stander provides:
Rifton Mobile Stander - Freedom to explore
Freedom to explore

With the Mobile Stander’s removable large wheels in place, clients can self-propel in a standing position – free to explore their surroundings alongside (and often ahead of!) their playmates.

Rifton Mobile Stander - Freedom to participate
Freedom to participate

Remove its large wheels, and the Mobile Stander easily rolls right up to a table or a counter enabling participation in crafts and other stationary activities.

Rifton Mobile Stander - Skill building in action
Skill-building in action

With regular use, the Mobile Stander provides a way for clients to strengthen motor skills and work toward independent standing.

Rifton Mobile Stander - removable wheels
Removable wheels

Optional large wheels pop on and off with the push of a button. Wheel locks provide security, spoke guards protect fingers and hand rims help keep hands clean.

Rifton Mobile Stander - Arm straps
Arm prompts

Optional arm prompts help users develop greater head and shoulder control. They can be removed as control improves.

Rifton Mobile Stander - Communication tray
Communication tray

The optional and fully adjustable communication tray holds small objects or activities for easy access while standing.

Rifton Mobile Stander - fleecy straps
Fleecy strap

A soft fleecy strap provides the user with back or neck support while standing.

Rifton Mobile Stander - Accessible deck
Accessible deck

The Mobile Stander’s deck is extra wide for simpler transfers and more user participation in the sit-to-stand process.

Technical specifications
Mini Mobile StanderSmall Mobile StanderMedium Mobile StanderLarge Mobile Stander
User's overall height63.5cm - 81cm76cm - 101cm94cm - 132cm122cm - 165cm
Overall length63.5cm63.5cm84cm99cm
Overall width63.5cm65cm74cm85cm
Overall height57cm - 71cm59cm - 76cm79cm - 99cm95cm - 125cm
Width without big wheels49.5cm53cm61cm72cm
Wheel diameter51cm51cm68.5cm89cm
Length of body support37cm52cm63.5cm81cm
Width of body support18cm - 25cm18cm - 25cm23cm - 30.5cm25.5cm - 35.5cm
Height of body support42cm - 58.5cm58.5cm - 73.5cm73.5cm - 96.5cm91.5cm - 122cm
Seat padN/AN/A15cm x 18cm20cm x 28cm
Item weight12.7kg13.6kg18.1kg29.4kg
Maximum working load22kg22kg54kg79kg
Warranty Information
If a Rifton product breaks or fails in service during the first year, Rifton will replace it free of charge.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards
There are no clear relevant standards to comply with, however the Rifton Mobile Stander is FDA/CE/TGS approved. 

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