Rifton Supine Stander

The Rifton Supine Stander is adjustable and stable, and the firm main board of the Supine Stander gives users with significant musculoskeletal weakness secondary to prolonged immobilisation the opportunity to be positioned upright. The vertical height adjustment makes transfers easier and provides versatility, adapting to the needs of many different users, making it perfect for the classroom environment. The Supine Stander enables users to be at eye-level with their peers, participating in activities and initiating communication. The height of the main board of the stander can be adjusted, making transfers between the stander and a wheelchair/bed easier than ever.

The Supine Stander features healthcare grade vinyl upholstery, configurable supports, easily adjustable armrests, sturdy frame, adjustable footboard and double locking castors.

The Supine Stander is available in two sizes, small (user height 76cm to 127cm) and large (user height 116cm to 182cm).

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More Information

Rifton Supine Stander - fold down top
Fold down the top

Fold down the top of the Supine Stander for a user who needs to learn head control.

Rifton Supine Stander - lateral supports
Lateral Supports

The laterals slide out of the way to aid transfers. Laterals adjust easily: they slide in, out, up, down and rotate.

Rifton Supine Stander - armrests

The armrests move up and down the frame or tilt at varying angles to encourage upper body control. They fold down when not needed.

Rifton Supine Stander - angle adjustment
Angle adjustment

Angle adjustment is calibrated from 0° to 85° for accurate positioning.

Rifton Supine Stander - height adjustment
Height adjustment

The small Supine Stander is 72cm high when horizontal. 

The large Supine Stander makes transfers easy. The manual crank raises and lowers the stander from 53cm (wheelchair height) to 76cm in the horizontal position.

Rifton Supine Stander - castors

Double-locking castors prevent roll and swivel during transfers.

Rifton Supine Stander - S curve frame
S-Curve frame

The sturdy, curved frame gives plenty of foot room to the carer and allows close proximity for transfer in and out of a wheelchair, or other equipment.

Rifton Supine Stander - footboard

The footboard adjusts to bring the user up to a comfortable height for the carer.

Technical specifications
Small Supine StanderLarge Supine Stander
User's overall height76cm - 127cm117cm - 182cm
Base length95cm118cm
Base width68.5cm75cm
Trunk support width18cm - 33cm23cm - 40cm
Height when horizontal72cm53cm - 76cm
Height when vertical138cm189cm
Board length135cm185cm
Board width42cm48cm
Maximum working load45kg113kg
Tray dimensions66cm x 38cm66cm x 38cm
Warranty Information
If a Rifton product breaks or fails in service during the first year, Rifton will replace it free of charge.

Product Compliance with Relevant Standards
There are no clear relevant standards to comply with, however the Supine Stander is FDA/CE/TGS approved. 

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