ROHO Quadtro Select Wheelchair Cushion

The Roho Quadtro is divided into four compartments, with the ISOFLO valve allowing you to unlock the valve so air flows freely between compartments, or lock off the valve so air is restricted to each compartment. This allows the cushion to be used for positioning, as you can alter the amount of air in each segment to create an individual cushion shape, e.g. more air in the front two segments can create an ischial shelf to help prevent sliding, air in one side of the cushion can help to correct a pelvic obliquity.
– Available in high, mid or low profile. The high profile cushion provides the most pressure relief, which the mid and low profile heights are beneficialto users who wish to maintain a lower seat to floor height or increase stability, as the lower height can improve how stable the cushion feels for the user.
– Lightweight so good for manual wheelchair users
– The design of the air cells helps to minimize shear when the user slides or moves on the cushion.
– Good for individuals who experience incontinence, as there is no foam that can be damaged by liquid, and cushion and cover are easily cleaned.

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