Stealth i2i Head Support

The Stealth i2i is more than just a headrest, it is a head and neck positioning system.

Head and neck positioning is one of the most difficult challenges clinicians can face. The i2i system was developed by Leslie Fitzsimmons (PT, ATP) in New Jersey, who designed the i2i system for the users with challenging seating needs.

The unique integrated shape of the i2i connects the head, neck and shoulders and forms a support similar to that of an exoskeleton. Unlike many collar type devices, the i2i does not position low on the neck which tends to leave the upper neck and head unsupported. The anterior arms of the i2i act as an anchor for the chin prompt, provides an anterior thoracic boundary and creates a channel to direct extensor tone into a midline position. The lateral component promotes midline head position and offers cervical support while maintaining range of motion. As a individual begins to extend, their head is invited back into a more neutral position. A midline position discourages reflex postures and provides appropriate proprioceptive input. It has also been found to promote the development of controlled neck flexion and extension.

The i2i is available in several sizes and configurations.

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