Zippie Iris Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

The Zippie IRIS uses patented rotation-in-space technology to rotate the seat frame around the user’s center of gravity. This rotational system provides the shortest possible wheelbase without compromising stability. It also ensures a smooth and controlled rotation. Eliminate the need for exposed cables with the Foot Release Tilt Actuator. Ability to grow the chair frame as the child’s needs change. You can adjust the center-of-gravity/center-of-rotation and depth as needed and increase the width with just a few parts.

Additional Features include:
– Folding and rigid frame available
– MONO Backrest option
– 2 tilt options to optimize positioning needs
– New and improved hub lock with push-button wheel lock access
– Swing-in / Swing-out hangers
– Single post armrests

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